Add New

1. To access Knowify’s task management features, go to the “Jobs” Module.Jobs-Module


2. Once inside, click on “Manage Tasks.”Manage Tasks


3. To add a new task, click “Add New Task”.Add New Task


4. First choose if this will be for internal work or a client. Choose the client or department. Then choose the job you want to link the task to. Every task needs to be associated with a job so Knowify knows how to invoice your clients later on. If you don’t have a current job for the client or department, you can click “Create it Now”.Add New Task 1


5. If you do have an existing job, tell Knowify which milestone to associate the task with.Milestone


6. Then fill in the name of the task, the start and end dates, and the people who will be performing the task.Add Task and Resource

This new task will show up in your Manage Tasks view and also your project plan (if you associated the task with a job and milestone).