Tracking Internal Budgets in Knowify

If you want to track costs in Knowify that aren’t related to a client or a contract, you can use the Internal Projects module. An Internal Project in Knowify will allow you to budget and track your time and material costs without having to choose a client or create a contract. This is a great tool for tracking work such as office and shop time.

First, you can navigate to the Internal section of Knowify by clicking the Internal icon (depending on the size of your screen you may need to click “+ More” first). You can give it a name then click save project.

If you’re familiar with using Knowify’s contract jobs, you’ll notice the look is very similar except there is no contract section. Everything will be tracked in the Plan & Track section of this project, but you will have most of the same functionality as tracking any other job in Knowify (including uploading supporting documents, entering a budget, tracking time from the mobile application, etc.).

To start tracking costs for this project, navigate to the Plan & Track section and add a job phase. The material and labor costs are tracked at the phase level so you can either add multiple phases to one project, or create a separate project for each. If you’re going to be tracking time for these projects, it is imperative that you click the Enable Labor option just below the phase name.

Once you have everything set, just click make active at the bottom, and you’ll be able to start tracking time and materials for this project! The internal project will show up just like any other job when searching in drop down menus, scheduling, and by searching on the mobile application. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to for more information!