Uploading Documents in Knowify

As a cloud-based software, Knowify incorporates several places in your account where you can upload supporting documents/images for storage, reference, and to be attached to emails from the system. Below we will examine the different areas that can support document uploads in Knowify. There is no limit on the amount of documents/images uploaded, just that each file cannot exceed 10MB. You can find a list of supported file types By Clicking Here

1) At the Job Level

Within every job or internal project, you will have a ‘Documents & RFIs’ section, where Knowify stores any signed contract or change order by default. Here you will see the option to either drag and drop a file or upload manually. Files uploaded here from the computer can be shared with mobile users or kept on file for full-access users only.

2) At the Purchase level

Within every purchase you will see the same box to upload or drag and drop files:

3) In the Admin Section

In the admin section, you will see a tab called ‘Documents’ where you can upload any supporting documents/images that are not job-specific or purchase-specific. These documents can be attached to any email sent through the system (proposals and POs alike) however there is a limit of 20 company documents:

4) Emailing Supporting Documents

When you are composing an email within the system, you will have the option to attach these supporting documents, and upload new documents, along with the email. When sending a proposal out for signature, you can attach any new documents, documents uploaded at the job level, as well as any company documents:

When sending a purchase order to a vendor/subcontractor, you will have the option to attach any documents uploaded to the PO as well as any company documents:


5) Mobile Uploads

Users from the mobile app will also be able to upload supporting pictures. They can upload pictures/documents to the job level from the ‘Job Details’ section on their app:

Or they can upload pictures along with any purchase they create, including a picture of the receipt for the purchase: