How to use Knowify’s Maintenance Contracts

Knowify’s Maintenance Contract is designed for you to keep track of recurring service work under one contract. This will help you track the total cost, revenue, and profitability for multiple service tickets at one location. With Knowify’s contract management features, you’ll also be able to create a proposal/contract document for you maintenance/service contract job, and have the client sign the contract digitally through Knowify.

When you are building the contract you can setup how often you will be working on the job site, how often you will be billing for your work, and how much the price of each service ticket will be:


Once the client signs the contract, or once it is made active, you can tell Knowify when the first service ticket will take place. Knowify will then automatically create a Pending Service Ticket, that you will be able to schedule and manage as the first site visit.

By default, when the first service ticket is marked as completed, Knowify will then setup the next service ticket based on the service frequency that you selected when the contract was setup. This will be displayed in the contract as the next Pending Service, while you will also be able to review the previous service visits and the profitability of the total contract to date:


If at any time you need to create a service ticket that isn’t part of the original service agreement, you can scroll to the bottom of the contract section and click dispatch additional service. This will allow you to create a new service ticket, setup independently of the contract pricing/frequency, while the cost and revenue of this ticket will still be stored along with the rest of the contract.


Service tickets within a maintenance contract can be setup the same way as a normal service ticket in Knowify, except the price of the service ticket is already set from the contract. You can find more information about setting up and managing service tickets here!

If you need any more information about this, please send us a message at and we’re happy to help further!