Using QuickBooks Locations with Knowify

If you use QuickBooks “Locations” feature, you can tag each job in your Knowify account with a Location so it pushes over with your transactions. To do this, first go to your QuickBooks module in Knowify:

Then go to your Job Defaults tab at the top of the screen, where you’ll be able to choose a location per each job. In this example we’ll use the Brian’s Boats job:

Once this is set, you can create invoices in Knowify, and when they sync to QuickBooks, it will automatically tag the location.



The same goes for time entries. See the following entry for Paul Simon against this job in Knowify:

When it syncs to QuickBooks Weekly Timesheet, it will include the location:


If you have more questions on this, please reach out at and we’re happy to help!