What is an Associated Deliverable?

An Associated Deliverable is the specified deliverable in the contract in which a Job Phase is connected to. When changes are made at the planning stage of Plan & Track, it must be connected to an existing deliverable in the Contract & Change Orders section.

Other Agreement/Time and Materials

Below is a sample Time and Materials job. This job contains two deliverables, Service 1 and Service 2, at different markup percentages and hourly rates. Due to this difference, it is important than labor and materials are assigned to the correct service:
Next, move over to the Plan & Track section, highlighted below. The Plan & Track section will reveal the costs allocated to each deliverable thus far. Services 1 and 2 are found here, with costs of $0 thus far. To view the associated deliverables, we will click Amend:
Amending the Plan & Track section will bring it into Draft Mode. Located under the Phase Name is the Associated Deliverable. This means that all costs, labor and material, that are assigned to this phase (Service 1), will affect the deliverable (Service 1) located in the contract.
A new Job Phase can be added in this section to track more costs, but there must be a deliverable to connect to in order to process markups and hours correctly. Below, a new Job Phase called New Service is added in the Plan & Track section. An Associated Deliverable must be assigned, and thus the options available are limited to deliverables created in the contract (Service 1 and Service 2). If New Service’s associated deliverable is Service 1, it will adopt the same markup on purchases and hourly labor cost.
Once the Plan & Track section is saved and made Active, the Job Phases will have a colored bar located before the Phase Name. Notice that Service 1 and New Service are both green, as their costs are associated to the same deliverable. Service 2 has different costing terms, and thus is given a different color, red:

Owner Contract/Markup Budget

Associated Deliverables are also helpful in the the planning process in Professional Mode Job Costing. After planning our Job Phases in Plan & Track, the phases can be used as deliverables, as done below. Once these numbers are selected, such as below, you can save the contract as a draft. For this example, notice the Labor budget is set to $1,000.
Back in the Plan & Track section, notice the Phase Name is the same as the deliverable created in the contract. The deliverable in the contract is known as the Associated Deliverable. Instead of $1,000, the Labor Budget will be changed to $10,000:
Once the Plan & Track section is set, save the plan as a draft. When moving back to the Contract & Change Orders section, the deliverable total remains as before. However, seen below is a warning, noting that the cost and price do not match. To refresh the total, click inside the markup box, then click anywhere on the page. This will adjust the total to account for the change in cost. Once clicking away, the deliverable associated with the Labor Budget change has now adjusted to the change in the Plan & Track section: