Where Are My Modules?

Knowify’s modules are directly linked to the permissions that are set for each user. This way, users can use the system with as much or as little access as needed. Your first user is granted permissions based on the setup questionnaire, while each other user is granted permissions once they have been added into the system. Changing the users’ permissions isn’t difficult to change, and is outlined below.

This is what your modules bar might look like without many permissions. This user is able to make purchases and bills, but is limited otherwise.module-1 Where Are My Modules?

Adding more permissions to access other features of Knowify is done in the admin section. Click on the person icon to begin:module-7 Where Are My Modules?

Then, click into the Admin Section:
module-8 Where Are My Modules?

As an administrator, you will see this section below. Click on the Users tab to change permissions of your users:
module-2 Where Are My Modules?

In your user list, click the user you would like to change permissions for. In this case, we will change the permissions of Michael Scott.
module-3 Where Are My Modules?

In the following popup, under the user’s general information, you will see their enabled permissions. Notice the icon next to each permission is the same icon as each module. Based on the user’s role, select the permissions that would apply to them:
module-4 Where Are My Modules?

In this example, each permission is selected, which should enable access to every module in Knowify:module-5 Where Are My Modules?

Upon returning to the Dashboard, every module is now accessible to the user:
module-6 Where Are My Modules?