Why Can’t I Track Costs for My Active Job?


In Knowify, it is required that you have at least one job phase in order to track labor and/or material costs. When you use the Simple or Advanced job costing styles, job phases are created automatically for you. However, in the Professional job costing style, it is possible to create your contract without creating any job phases. This will prevent you from tracking your material purchases and time entries for the job.

First, let’s navigate to the Plan&Track section of the job (the home for your job costing). Here you can click Switch To Edit Mode to make changes to the project plan, including the addition of job phases:

Once you’re in edit mode, click to add a new job phase. You can give this job phase a name manually or you can select a service from your catalog as the phase name. Be sure to click Enable Labor if you plan on tracking time/labor costs for this phase. When you are finished, click the Switch To Active Mode button to lock in these changes and to start tracking your costs

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If you have any questions about this, send us an email at support@knowify.com and we’re happy to help!