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AIA-style invoicing

What is AIA-style invoicing? #

AIA-style invoicing is based on the AIA application for payment forms (sometimes referred to as the G702 Application for Payment and G703 Continuation Sheet), which are a standardized set of invoicing forms widely used in commercial construction in the United States. While the forms were first introduced by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) several decades ago, it is typically not necessary for contractors to purchase AIA-branded copies; rather, most general contractors, construction managers, and owners will accept non-branded forms, provided that they follow the same general layout as the originals.

AIA-style invoicing is only appropriate for fixed price work, and not well suited for time and materials projects.

Also known as: Pay app, Pay application

AIA invoice structure #

The AIA-style application for payment forms are rather complex. Briefly, the cover page (the G702 Application for Payment in the original formset) provides a general summary of the billing progress on the job overall, as well as the contractor’s certification that they are entitled to the payment being requested based on the work completed.

The following page(s) (the G703 Continuation Sheets in the original) break down the job by line item, and show billing progress for each line item. Often, the Continuation sheet is split into separate tables for the original contract line items and change orders.

Example of an application for payment filled out | AIA-style billing | Knowify feature

If you are new to the AIA formset, we would recommend checking out this article sharing a few tricks for succeeding with AIA billing as well as common pitfalls.

AIA-style invoicing in Knowify #

Knowify offers comprehensive AIA-style billing features, and can take the complicated, multi-hour spreadsheet-based process you are doing now and turn it into a 5 or 10 minute, easy-breezy task. Do not ever miss a billing cycle again (ugh!) because your pay app was not ready to submit!