Feature of the week – E-Signature

Here at Knowify we are always looking for ways to help you save time and make money faster. We know that the key to saving time is quick and easy communication. Our priority is to make communication easy both internally between you and your team and externally between you and your clients. It is likely that you will have lots of communication with your customers throughout the span of each job. One of the most critical interactions that you will have is the communication around the client signing your bid. Very simply, without a signed bid there is no job to work on. Taking advantage of our E-Signature portal will help you with getting jobs signed and getting them signed faster.

Using our E-signature portal and sending your bid through email puts you one step ahead of the game. Customers are more likely to sign a bid with someone they see as professional and efficient. Having a clean looking proposal that is up to date with technology – really, who uses paper these days? – will impress your clients and give them confidence that they are choosing the right company to trust with their job.

Now, in addition to winning more bids, you can win bids faster with the e-signature. Think about how much extra time it takes printing out a bid (we all know there’s always an issue with the printer), sending it to the customer and then waiting for it to come back. Papers are so easily lost and forgotten about, but having an email that you can star or even search for just by typing in the company name will ensure that the customer will not forget about you – especially when they can instantly click into the e-signature portal, sign the document, and send it back – it takes less than 30 seconds! In a study performed by Alexandr Kovalev, Computer Science student at Fordham University, it was found that jobs that used e-signatures were on average signed 10% faster than jobs that were manually made active from bidding status.

E-signatures are a clear win, not just for the customer but for contractors too!

As noted before, easy communication is key. The communication that you receive from the customer through Knowify will help you better understand your business. Sending your bid online will allow you to see when your client receives and opens the email. There is no more guessing if your client received your bid. You can also easily send a reminder about the bid to the client through Knowify. Communication is so easy at the touch of a button!

Utilizing the e-signature portal can also increase job security. When the client e-signs the bid, you and your customer will both receive signed copies of the agreement. This eliminates misunderstandings and you will always be able to look back and reference this in the future. In both the United States and Canada, e-signatures have the same validity as paper signatures. We think they are stronger than paper signatures as there is a trail of the document being signed and sent back. If an issue were ever to arise you can be assured you’re in good hands with Knowify. We store additional information about all of your e-signature transactions.

So, if you don’t already take advantage of our e-signature feature you should! Let us help you create a great reputation for yourself and your business by presenting yourself in a professional manner. There is no risk. You can only grow your business and make your processes more efficient by giving it a try!

For more information on E-Signatures be sure to check out our documentation by clicking here and feel free to email us at support@knowify.com.