Feature of the week – Communicating with your team in the field

With your team all onboarded to Knowify , communication is so easy! We provide many ways for you to communicate with the rest of your team and for them to communicate with you. You can connect with your team through comments on jobs, uploading photos, scheduling, and push notifications.


Comments are important for communication so we have provided many locations throughout Knowify where you will be able to leave them. Some of these locations include:

– Attached to a contract job: you can make comments from the desktop version (in your plan & track section or your job log) or from the mobile app inside the phase details.

– Attached to service tickets: you can make comments from the desktop version (in the service map or in your job log) and from the mobile app inside of the ticket details.

– Along with any time entries – when checking out your employees will be able to write a comment that you will be able to view in your “review time” section and you can write your “reviewer’s comment” there as well, which will only be viewable by desktop users and will be posted to the job log.

To see all comments for any contract or service job just simply check the job log. There you will find all messages marked with the user’s name and time stamped.


Sometimes, when comments just aren’t enough you and your team will have to upload photos. You are able to do this both from your desktop or from a mobile device.

To upload photos from your desktop simply drag the photo or search and upload it into your “Documents & RFIs” section. If you are uploading it from your desktop you can choose whether or not you would like to share that photo with mobile users or if you would like to keep the photo on file for full-access users only.

To upload photos from a mobile device you can go to the job and upload photos or take a photo right in knowify in the documents section


A more subtle yet equally important form of communication is scheduling. As a desktop user you can schedule your workers in the field on specific phases of jobs for each day. These phases will appear on their phones when they open them that day. They will also be able to see the other jobs that they are scheduled on for the future by clicking “scheduled jobs” so that they can better plan their days.

Push Notifications

Sometimes you just need to get the message across right away – in times like these you will want to use our push notification feature! This will send a message to your employee’s phones (as long as they have push notifications turned on) and will send them an email with your message. Sending push notifications is easy to do through selecting the loud speaker on your dashboard, job board or in the app if you are a foreman. You can then create the note and select the employees that you would like to receive the message. You can learn more about how to send these push notifications here.

Thank you for reading about this week’s feature. If you would like more information please email us at support@knowify.com.