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Subcontractor management software

Simple-to-use subcontractor management tools

Knowify’s subcontractor management software makes, managing subcontractors as easy as managing your own team. Organize your subs by project and keep track of documents like subcontracts and licenses. Quickly understand how certain subs are impacting your bottom line with in-depth reporting.

View of our Plan & Tack section where users can track subcontractors costs | Subcontractor management | Knowify features
Subcontractor documents (license, workers' comp) and expiration dates | Subcontractor management | Knowify features
Store internal documents for easy access

One place for all subcontractor documents

Store internal documents for each subcontractor (like their license, GL, WC, W9, and/or any images) and set an expiration date for each document.

Example of a work order | Subcontractor management | Knowify feature
Give visibility into Progress and communications

Stay on top of costs, progress, and payments

Keep your team informed about the amount of work your subs have performed, as well as any communications you’ve had with them on a project.

  • Track outstanding subcontracts, and easily add change orders as needed.
  • Create and share work orders that are connected to your subcontractor’s purchase orders, so that progress invoicing and payments are automatically tracked and your team can stay on-budget.
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“Knowify brought all the people in the business into one platform.”

Kristin Kunc
Office Manager, Serett Metalworks

Stay on top of compliance documentation

Report on all your subs in detail

Knowify helps you prevent liability issues and uncomfortable conversations.

  • Store all documentation associated with a subcontractor, including expiration dates.
  • Produce detailed reports on documentation status.
  • Get warnings before you add a non-compliant subcontractor to a project.
  • Build a repository of all project paperwork so you can share key documents with clients in real-time.
Abstraction of subcontractor report in a spreadsheet format | Subcontractor management | Knowify features


Here you can find most frequently asked questions about how Knowify. If you still have question do no hesitate to reach out to us at

If I exclusively use subcontractors for every project, is Knowify a good fit?

Knowify works best for businesses that have at least a few ‘self-performing’ contractors on their team. If you sub out the entirety of your work, Knowify may not be the best fit for you.

What kind of subcontractor reporting does Knowify offer?

Tracking subcontractor compliance is an essential part of subcontractor management. Knowify lets you store all the documentation associated with a given subcontractor, including expiration dates. Additionally, you will be able to produce detailed reports on the documentation status, and Knowify will warn you when you are about to include a subcontractor in a project if they are missing compliance documentation.

Can I see payments made to my subs through Knowify?

Yes. Knowify also lets you see payments you’ve made to your sub against their subcontracts, and overlays that info over the project schedule. Are they billing for a 50% completion draw even though they only just got started? Your PMs and office management staff will have that information right at their fingertips.

Can I add change orders for my subcontractors in Knowify?

Yes, adding change orders for your subcontractors in Knowify is simple. Once your subcontract is live in your project plan, it’s simple to log a change order and change the agreed upon amount.

Can I manage subcontractor progress billing through Knowify?

Absolutely – with Knowify you’re able to track the outstanding balance of a contract with your subs at any time, since every expense and bill is automatically logged against the project budget.

Can I manage subcontractor contracts in Knowify?

Yes – you can easily track subcontracts using Knowify and handle all the billing and payments for your subs therein.

Build your business with confidence

Effective subcontractor management tools can be the difference between a contracting business that’s struggling to stay afloat and one that’s thriving. Try Knowify free for 14 days, and see how our platform can help your bottom-line!