Following up with leads

Screenshot displaying our lead management section which uses a Kanban board | CRM | Knowify

Congratulations! Your marketing campaign has paid off, and you’re inundated with new leads. How to best turn those leads into sales? Knowify offers some strategies. 

Experience is valuable

Many contractors compete in their field by differentiating themselves with low prices. But price isn’t the only way to create value; experience is equally as important. Before a big project is awarded to you, be sure to rack up plenty of experience in your field: try offering your services to small businesses in your area at a discount. That way, you’ll have plenty of practice for when it’s time to tackle a bigger project. Your customers will trust you more because of your expertise, and many will pay up for the services of a business that knows what it’s doing.

Make sure the price is right

Customers want to know what they’re paying for. When you provide them with a proposal, make abundantly clear which factors play into the price you’ve settled on. No detail is too small to include! If you’re a painter, for example, be sure to account for the price of sanding, base coats, and paintbrushes. And it’s crucial for your customers to understand that what’s cheaper now is not always cheaper in the long run. Your quote might be higher than the other guys’, but maybe you’re using high-quality paint that’s guaranteed to last or using metal with a 10-year warranty against rusting. Let your customers know that you intend to give them nothing but the best by providing as much information as you can in your quote. Your customer will appreciate your clarity and your dedication to a job well done!

Follow up with proposals

With Knowify, you can check the progress of your proposals and see if they’ve been opened, and eventually, accepted, by your customers. This will allow you to keep track of potential jobs and stay on top of your work. And if you don’t hear from a customer within a couple of weeks, don’t take it as a no! Remember that people are busy and often let small construction projects fall by the wayside. Feel free to follow up with customers you haven’t heard back from. They’ll appreciate the reminder and admire your determination to get the job done.

Stay organized with our CRM

It can be hard to keep track of all your leads at once, but Knowify’s CRM makes it easy. This feature allows you to sort leads by age so that you can tackle your oldest leads first and get to newer leads later. Click the plus sign in order to assign a task to your team or yourself. For example, you can set reminders for yourself to follow up with a customer or assign that task to someone else on your team, like an assistant. Following up with leads doesn’t always look the same for everyone, but Knowify’s super-organized and endlessly adaptable system makes it easy to find the workflow that’s best for you and your team. You can even experiment with your systems without worrying about mismanaging your data! Knowify’s CRM is so foolproof that you’ll always have all the data you need in one centralized place. Once you determine your workflow, you can start automating! You can set a reminder for yourself to email customers if you haven’t heard from them in a week (be sure to include the proposal again!) and to call customers if you haven’t heard from them in two weeks. When you’re this organized about your leads, more are likely to follow!