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Never miss a phase dependency again

Gantt charts

Tracking your schedule is one of the most important aspects of construction project management, with implications that reach across your whole business. Knowing your existing commitments and timelines helps guide your sales people; conversely, losing track of your schedule and capacity utilization can mean lost opportunities and diminished profitability. Gantt charts have emerged as a go-to tool in construction project scheduling, since they capture not only the time involved for each phase of work, but the interdependencies between phases.


Use drag and drop to create and update your schedules


Add dependencies to identify critical paths


See automatic updates across phases if timelines change

Simple Gantt chart software

Flexible scheduling tools

Knowify has implemented Gantt charting with built-in dependency functionality to ensure that your job schedules can be carefully tracked, and that those schedules can roll up into a comprehensive schedule for your whole organization.

Scheduling dependency between two construction phases | Gantt charts | Knowify feature
Automatically react to changes

Scheduling dependencies

If Phase 2 cannot start until Phase 1 is complete, then to the extent Phase 1’s timeline slips then Phase 2 will necessarily be delayed. As your project manager adjusts timelines, dependent phases will automatically be adjusted as well. That means that you will be able to visualize overlaps in work and conflicts that may arise across projects owing to delays in one. Further, by identifying these problems earlier, you’ll be better prepared to reach out to your counterparties to adjust your schedules, as needed.

Get visibility and control over your projects

A unified view

As noted above, Knowify’s Gantt charts can be rolled up to the organization level, giving you a complete view across all your projects. And since Knowify’s powerful resource management tools will show the impacts of schedule changes, you will never again end up in a situation where a crew is double-booked or an employee accidentally scheduled to do 16 hours of work in a day. That’s the power of Knowify: one central system that can be used to run the entire business, with built-in intelligence that allows changes in one area to be seen across all the other areas impacted by that change.

Breakdown of scheduled resources (labor) and progress for a phase | Gantt charts | Knowify feature

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