Knowify teams up with Woodard to launch Construction Advisor Network

It’s official. Knowify and Woodard have teamed up to launch the Construction Advisor Network, designed for accounting and QuickBooks ProAdvisors already serving or interested in serving small to medium sized contractors and subcontractors.

Do you “work in construction?”

We do. And we’re looking for like-minded professionals committed to helping construction companies grow and profit.  The Construction Advisor Network has a single goal: 

To ensure contractors have access the right professionals and best of breed

construction business management solutions.


Why does best of breed advisement and technology matter?

You know how disorganized your clients can be. Historically, construction company owners laser focus on getting new business in the door and completed projects out the door. They rarely pay attention to process improvement and business management metrics. In fact, it’s not uncommon for even large subcontractors to hold tight to old software and inefficient administrative processes. As their advisor, how many hours have you invested in prying paper spreadsheets and random Post-it notes out of their hands and out of their files?


Together we can change that

If you’ve managed to switch your clients to QuickBooks Online, you’ve already won half the battle. Step two is to migrate them away from office wall calendars and desks stacked high with timesheets. Guide them into the digital world and the possibility of running their contracting business cost-effectively and efficiently from a tablet and smartphone — anywhere.

If you’re an advisor seeking a bigger piece of the more than 1.2 million small- and medium-sized construction company market, the Construction Advisor Network offers a game-changing opportunity — Three tiers of FREE membership to generates leads and revenue for you and your firm. 


Here’s how it works: 

Choose the Tier best for you and your firm

Knowify gives you

Tier I – Introductory: Simply refer your client and Knowify handles all training + support

The first three months’ revenue from that account.

Tier II – Preferred: You manage your client’s training and implementation, with the option to take on more support responsibilities as well

A perpetual revenue share (up to 30%) for accounts you introduce. Plus, we’ll offer prescreened leads in your area to help you grow your business!

Tier III – Partner: You are a Knowify pro with a host of successful implementations.

Ongoing leads and revenue share, plus we’ll feed you other ProAdvisor relationships to mentor (especially from Tier I!).


Do good and do well

The  Construction Advisor Network is all about creating win/win situations for every member. Based on your firm’s level of involvement, the Construction Advisor Network can generate new leads for your practice and deeper connections to your clients as you build expertise and add new service offerings.

The Network also will be the home of best practices, proven methodologies, and systems that permit you to deliver appropriate solutions that lead to great outcomes for your clients.

Click here for information. If you have any questions or wish to share your feedback, you can find us at

Knowify. Built for the real world.