How to make the most of your 14-day free trial with Knowify

Welcome to Knowify! We’re thrilled you’ve started your trial and we hope you can take some time to explore our features and get comfortable with the software. Here are some great ways to make the most out of your first two weeks.

Schedule time in to use it

We all know how quickly schedules get filled up: you begin our trial one day and the next thing you know, two weeks are up and you haven’t even logged in. To avoid this, make sure you and your team block out some time over the next 14 days to actually test out the software.

Practice makes perfect

Now it’s time to go in and get your hands dirty! We believe the best way to get good at using Knowify is to try and try again. We know that it can be a little overwhelming at first, but focusing on one feature at a time can help make the process easier for you. Don’t forget to add real data into the system! It’ll allow you to play around with the aspects of completing a project from start to finish.

Sit back and watch a tutorial

Some people learn by looking and others by listening, so we decided to combine the two and created some video tutorials to help you get a little more comfortable. From PO’s and job costing to invoicing and project management, we’ve got you covered. Check them out here. We know these won’t answer all your questions, so we’ve got something for that too. Here’s our FAQ page for your additional questions.

Use your resources (that’s us!)

Our customer success team eats sleeps and breathes Knowify (really, it’s like they live in the office). Not only are they patient, knowledgeable, and experienced — they are passionate about providing the best service possible to you. Better yet, they want to hear from you! If you want an overview of the software or a step-by-step run through of a specific feature, we offers free demos at any point during your time with Knowify. If you’d like to set up a 1-1 session, click right here and let us know a time that works best for you.

Alright now it’s all up to you. Check out our user documentation for a detailed process to get you started. Good luck in the next two weeks, and if you have any questions at all, shoot us an email.