More control over emails

Dear Knowify Community,
We pushed a small release earlier today with a few widely requested improvements.
Release Notes:
1. We’ve made it much easier to select from among your contacts when creating proposal, change order, invoice, and service ticket emails.You will also have much more control over the formatting of proposal and change order emails in the new interface. Send proposals and change orders out for signature
2. You can now (optionally) enter specific dollar values to invoice for your line items when creating AIA-style applications for payment. More flexibility with AIA billing
3. You can now revert change orders back to the draft state if you accidentally make them “active”. This is also true for jobs: you can revert closed jobs back to live, if needed. We would encourage you to close out old jobs – it can speed up your Knowify experience, especially if you have many open but inactive jobs. Undo errors when dealing with change orders
4. Change order approved-on dates can now be set manually.
5. We have improved the foreman’s view so that all your jobs are sorted by name and you can search among them. This will simplify the process of entering time for all your resources, especially if you do not use our scheduling features. Easy time tracking from the office
We have another small release planned for a few weeks from now that will address reporting and performance enhancements in certain modules.
Happy Thanksgiving!
The Knowify Team