NAHB promotes systems-built homes…got a systems-built business?

Members of National Association of Homebuilders’ (NAHBA) Building Systems Councils celebrated Building Systems Week with programs to educate members and homebuyers on the advantages of systems-built homes versus traditional stick-built homes.

Systems to build homes. Systems to build business.

For homebuilders, proponents say that systems-built housing addresses issues of cost and availability of labor. Prefabricated components ranging from modular, panelized, concrete, and log- and timber-framed houses reportedly require fewer man hours to build once they arrive on site.

Faster, cheaper, smarter?

If according to NAHB’s Building Systems Council, systems-built construction makes it possible to build new homes faster, cheaper, and greener, it can be a viable option for some residential contractors — much like drywall has replaced plaster wall construction.

The same holds true for every contractor’s business operations. Do you run your business on Excel spreadsheets (stick-built or plaster) or do you run your business faster, cheaper, smarter by availing yourself of “systems-built” technologies that help you automate virtually every aspect of your back-office operations. Whether you are a one-person shop or a multi-team/multi-location operation, accessing tools to deliver real transparency into hours, job assignments, client management, and productivity to ensure projects stay on schedule and on budget can make the difference between eking out a living and making real money. And maybe even cut down the back office cleanup you do nights and weekends.

Innovation and technology matter

There is a place for stick-built construction. There likely always will be a place for stick-built construction. But there no longer is a place for paper spreadsheets, timecards, and paper-intensive estimates, billing, or change orders. Not when everyone you work with and work for has a smartphone, a laptop or a tablet.

You do have a choice. You can be a “stick in the mud,” or you can introduce yourself to and take advantage of all the very easy to use technology available to you. Using a hammer and a nail gun? Installing laminate wood flooring and laying down hardwood boards? You can do both — be a craftsperson and efficient. The same holds true for your business — you can deliver old-school customer service while running your back office on new school technology. Why not run your business, your estimating, your purchasing, jobs progress/change orders, and labor on tools designed to make your life easier?

How do you get there? Do your research. Knowify, for one, can help. We’re already helping contractors integrate their business management needs with accounting systems like QuickBooks from an easy-to-use interface accessible from any device — in the field and in the office.

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