Manage job phases seamlessly

Section displaying the list of active and pending phases with their dates and resources | Knowify

We are thrilled to announce the official release of the improved Manage Job Phases section. Now you can easily manage phases across multiple jobs and make sure you are not missing anything at the phase level. With this new section, located inside Contract Jobs, you will be able to make your project management even more productive!

These are some of the key benefits of Manage Job Phases:

1. View your phases in a single page

At a glance view all your phases, with status and dependency information. Do not wait for things to go wrong. Instead, with this integrated view, keep track of all phases in one single page and make sure everyone knows what’s outstanding and why.

Information about delayed phases and their dependencies | Manage phases | Knowify

2. Be able to schedule resources

Quickly deploy resources for each phase. These actions will be synced with the Knowify Job Board, keeping all your team in sync.

Modal where user schedules phase | Manage phases | Knowify

3. Keep your phases up to date

Mark phases as active while you work on them, close them when they are complete. Don’t allow your phases to pile up. Keeping your phases up to date and organized will help your team in the field focus on the pending and active tasks only! Also, combine this information with the Job Status Map in our new dashboard to keep an eye on recent job updates.

View of daily activity card displaying job activity on a map | Dashboard | Knowify

4. View all comments for each phase

Be sure to take notes here so that you can remember why something is not moving forward.

5. Easily search for information across phases

Easily search phases, regardless of the size of your jobs. Sort phases by start date or end date based on your project management preferences.

6. Get a bird’s eye view on job progress by phase completion

Paired with the progress tile in the new dashboard, get a bird’s eye view on job progress by phase completion and delivery date. Note: In dashboard, you can switch between financial progress and operational progress in this tile by clicking on the two icons next to the title Contract Job Progress.

View of job status in dashboard based on phase completion | Manage phases | Knowify

7. Combine project management at the job level and at the phase level

Our improved Manage Job Phases section allows you to seamlessly combine project management at the job level and at the phase level. Because not all jobs are equal, you might need different degrees of granularity to optimize the job outcome.

Utilizing this section will make it easier for you to stay on top of your jobs. This will help your team better understand job progress and the crews in the field track activity against the appropriate phases. Learn more about project management in Knowify.