Onboarding Knowify

This week we are taking a break from our “Feature of the week” to highlight the most important features and settings when getting started with Knowify! Onboarding Knowify is an important process. It can be fun, and even therapeutic, organizing your business to fit into our system.

Here are the best first steps when setting up your Knowify account that will lead to success down the road.

1. Add users and set access/permissions

Just in case you missed last week’s feature of the week, you can read it here to find out more about setting user access and permissions. This is important to set up so that everyone can start using Knowify along with you. Knowify works best when you are able to use it as a team. Setting up your users to have the proper access to what they will need to be able to see and enter into the system will help your team start using Knowify right away.

2. Set up rates

Setting up your job rates will put you on the path for success for costing your jobs correctly! These are the rates that will be getting pulled into your jobs. Setting up the rates from the get-go will save you time by avoiding the need to enter the rates in manually after the fact. If you missed setting up rates from initial getting started steps you can always access the page through the rates tab in your admin section. The most important part is that you enter a number in the salary/rate column in the resource cost and under the billing rate and budget rate columns in the Roles and Applicable Rates section.

In order to set up your rates correctly, please be sure to follow our documentation.

3. Mobile onboarding in the office

If you plan on having your workers use our mobile app, it is very important that you set a time to have them all in the office download the app and walk through it in person together. We have created a video so that you can become more familiar with the app as well. As a full access user you have the ability to access and download the mobile app yourself. Be sure to read our previous feature of the week on mobile onboarding for more information about our mobile onboarding wizard.

4. Set up QB sync

If you will be syncing with QuickBooks and did not connect during your initial process it can be done later through the QuickBooks tab in your admin section. Importing your data from QuickBooks should not take longer than 5 minutes for most accounts. You will receive an email from us when the import is complete. When connecting to QBO it is important to understand how our sync works. Be sure to review the chart of what syncs each way between Knowify and QBO. Also, we have created a video that goes into a bit more detail about our sync. It is also very important that you set up your default accounts right away. This way we will know the associated account for information when we send it to QuickBooks.

5. Learn your contract style

When setting up contract jobs you will first enter the job name, then enter the client name. The next question is very important and determines the flow for the rest of that job: Which of these best describes the job? This really means: what kind of contract do you plan to set up with the client? It is important that you understand these options and choose the one that fits your jobs best. In order to help you decide we have created a video that will walk you through each of the styles. This will help you choose the best fit of contract style for your business.