If you’re like other contractors, you probably have many jobs in-progress and any given point in time, and quite a few others in the bidding stages. How do you keep track of them all? How do you make sure that bids go out on time, that problems on the jobsite are resolved, that change orders get signed, that hours are calculated and applied to jobs correctly?

By having one system that can help you stay on top of everything, that’s how. That’s what Knowify’s for: we took all the critical components of managing a contracting business and put them together for you in one package.

Knowify will give you control of your jobs, from budgeting and bidding to purchasing, time tracking, change order management, invoicing, and more. Here are some critical questions we’ll help you answer:

  1. How much money am I making on my jobs?
  2. What is the status on my bids / change orders?
  3. What are my important job deadlines?
  4. Who’s assigned to work on which jobs?
  5. How far along am I in my jobs, and am I over or under budget?

Plus many more!