Project Management for Contractors

Managing a medium or large sized construction project can be very stressful. Everybody on your team expects you to get the job done right with a limited budget and tight deadlines. Being a construction superintendent or project managers usually involves a constant daily grind against the mounting administrative work, fighting to do more with less, and making critical project decisions with far-from perfect information.

Thankfully, there are two great stress relievers that can help: 1) meditation, which has been proven to lower blood pressure; and 2) Knowify’s very powerful cloud based project management module. Knowify project management improves visibility in all phases of a project, from pre-bid budgeting to late-project punch list tracking. We’ve made it easy to see at-a-glance where you stand, with real-time updates as time card and purchasing data come in; we have also simplified field and office communication, with built-in mobile tools for foreman and other field staff to add their comments to the daily task logs. And with all of the other powerful tools in Knowify helping to easy painful administrative items like change orders, you’ll finally be able to sleep at night knowing that your projects are well in hand.


If you’re a seasoned project manager, you’ll be pleased to know that Knowify includes all the project management tools you’re used to right out of the box, including dependency management, critical path scheduling, resource management, and Gantt Chart views. With Knowify’s Resource Scheduler only a click away, it’s easy to know how busy my team is and who is available to take on new task or project work.

We know that once you’ve seen Knowify, you’ll realize that it’s a great solution for your construction business. The Knowify team is always available for training and support, and within only a short period of time you’ll discover the awesome efficiency that modern software can deliver to your business. And the more you know your business, the better able you’ll be to grow your business.