Release 2.16: Change Log

Our version 2.16 has been released 2 weeks ahead of schedule!

This is the complete change log:

1. Labor budgets can now be expressed as dollar values at the phase level rather than as man hours by role or resource. We would still strongly encourage you to budget by expected man hours if you can, since tracking against expected hours can provide better insights on job progress vs. expectation. But if you’re in a hurry, dollar-value budgeting is certainly better than nothing!

Labor Budgets

2. In Owner Contracts, you can now decide whether you want to display subtotals at the line item level or just a total value for the proposal.

Labor Budgets

3. You can now add custom Tags to your jobs, which will make it easier to find them in the main jobs table and, soon, to generate reports based on those tags. You can also use this feature as a simple CRM tool.

Job Tags

4. We have a new Reports section where you can easily find all the available reports in Knowify.

5. There is a new Purchases report, with all your purchases and catalog allocations for a given period of time. You can use it to adjust inventory and track purchases.

6. There is a new Time Card report, with all time entries for a given time frame. It will list each employee on a different tab

7. Catalog items can now be added to bills.

8. Improvements to Job Board. Besides, if you have Job Board enabled, you will get to schedule resources directly from Job Board instead of doing it on Plan & Track.

Job Tags

9. Support for IE 11 has been discontinued.

10. Validation of browser support for cookies and local storage. Please keep in mind Knowify relies on cookies and local storage to keep your session safe.

11. Improvements in simple and advanced jobs reports to better manage Project Manager, Sales Lead and job dates.

12. Deposits now relay on a catalog item instead of an account to sync with QuickBooks. Please set up this service in the QuickBooks section.

13. Weekly payroll report has now 1 week per tab.

14. Time cards sort entries by clients instead of by job.

15. Support in reports to handle job names with special characters ([]/\:).

16. Final deployment of our infrastructure to support QuickBooks Desktop.

If you have any questions or wish to share your feedback, you can find us at

The Knowify Team