Release 2.20: Change Log

Our new release is out! Get ready for a long list of new features and improvements, including some of the most requested features in Knowify history.

This is the complete change log:

1. Create clients, vendors, and catalog items on the fly: Our search bars will now let you create and save new clients and vendors when you need to. Also, and more importantly, they will give you the option to create products and services without having to go to the catalog section. Quick and easy.

2. Company documents: The admin section has a new tab called ‘Documents’, where you can store up to 20 company documents. We’ll make these documents available every time you are about to send an email to a customer or vendor, this way you can easily attach them. You can use this feature to store your insurance documents, general information about your business, or any other information applicable across jobs.

3. Overtime: Yes, it finally happened. Over the last months we’ve received many requests to extend our overtime capabilities. However, as many of you know, QuickBooks Online has not released support for overtime and we’ve been waiting for them to make sure our features would seamlessly fit into their structure. Well, we didn’t want to wait any longer so we’ve released our enhancements that will give you more control over overtime. For now, these enhancements will be available upon invitation. If you are interested, reach out to

4. Attachments in purchase orders: Now you can attach additional documents to purchase orders. Along with this change, we’ve also improved our support for vendors, allowing them to store multiple contacts. These contacts will also be available when you send POs via email.

5. Additional comment in e-signature: When your customers e-signed a document, now they will also be able to provide an optional comment. This comment will not modify the content of the agreement (as clearly states the e-signature page), but will streamline the process of managing classic follow up questions from your customer like when the job starts or when the deposit payment can be expected. This comment will be included in the confirmation email and will pop up in your dashboard activity.

6. Subcontractor PO workflow: We’ve improved the workflow related to managing subcontractors in Plan & Track. Now, when you select a subcontractor and Knowify creates a subcontract PO, this PO will include the work order information. Also, the subcontract PO document can now be customized, giving you the ability to include useful information (whether scope of work, terms and conditions, payment details, etc) for your subs.

7. Custom placement of e-payment link: For those processing electronic payments, you can now place the payment link anywhere in the email you sent to the customer, so it doesn’t need to be at the bottom any longer. This gives you the flexibility you need to customize your emails and will likely improve the customer experience.

8. New actions panel in detail pages: Many of you already had access to our newest action panels, but now it’s available to all users. These changes make a lot easier to understand all the available actions in the detail pages of purchases, bills, and invoices.

9. Email attachments: We’ve improved the experience around attaching documents to emails. We’ve increased the attachment area, and we’ve made it easier to verify that your list of attached documents/files is correct before sending the email. Also, we’ve made it very easy to attach standard company documents (uploaded in the admin panel – standard examples include W9s, licenses, etc) to any email.

10. Contract summary report:We have a new report available when you send a change order to the customer for e-signature. This is an optional report with the contract summary that will be attached to the confirmation email once the change order is signed. This is a great way to make sure you and your customers are on the same page regarding the status of the contract. We know things can get a bit hairy when multiple change orders are out for signature.

11. Manage users: We’ve completely changed the section to manage users in the admin page to make adding, updating, and removing users much easier.

12. Manage equipment:Similarly to users, we’ve adjusted the layout of the section to manage equipment to make it more user friendly.

13. Speed improvements: There are significant improvements in Manage Bills and Manage Service Jobs sections to make them a lot faster.

14. Job board: We’ve enhanced Job Board to include new features like Add New Allocation for job scheduling, group scheduling, and the ability to create service tickets on the fly. We’ve also improved this page to remember your latest settings when you go back to it.

15. Multiple vendor contacts: We’ve mentioned it before when we were talking about attachments in POs, but now you can also create multiple contacts for each vendor in the Vendors section.

16. Unit-based billing in owner contracts: We’ll keep adding invoicing methods to the platform and the newest addition is unit-based billing in owner contracts. If you use catalog items in the proposal and set quantities, you’ll have to option to invoicing your customer based on these quantities. Unit-based AIA-style billing will come in our next release.

17. Catalog account defaults: For those connected to QuickBooks Online, our QuickBooks section, Catalog tab, has now a general default income and expense account for catalog products and services created in Knowify. Any new catalog item will take these defaults when synced with QuickBooks for the first time

18. Holdback in owner contracts (non-US): For our international users, we’ve improved our support for holdback in owner contracts.

19. Clockshark import: We’ll be focusing on integrating with other useful apps in the near feature and our first step is a simple time import for Clockshark users. Contact for more information.

20. User logs in contracts: In order to speed up the contract page for those dealing with large amounts of items, we’ve hidden the list of user actions by default.

21. RFIs: RFIs will now display the title of the RFI inside the pdf document.

22. Improvements in electronic payments: This release incluedes a few improvements in our PaySimple integration, such as a better handling of ‘Do not honor’ errors, email confirmation for payments processed in the office, and better information in the action logs.

23. Client notes: You can now include custom notes in the client page. We’ll be extending the capabilities of this future soon.

24. Job name restrictions: For those connected to QuickBooks Online, we’ll be enforcing a 50-character limitation in job names to prevent sync issues. We will also prevent users from including ‘;’ in the name.

25. In-modal spinner: For those actions performed inside a popup screen, we’ve improved the experience around submitting the information by displaying a spinner inside the button. This will improve the user experience and prevent multiple submissions by mistake

26. Job colors: Along with the current option to select a job color, we’ve included a list of predefined colors to make the color selection easier.

27. QuickBooks improvements: Our QuickBooks sync will be taking client tax rates and notes from QuickBooks into Knowify. These properties will sync both ways soon. We’ve also improved the experience around identifying sync errors.

28. Smartphone app improvements: We’ve made a few small adjustments to the smartphone app to make it more reliable. One of these improvements should fix the check in/out issue that some users have experienced in UTC-8. UTC-9 and UTC-10 timezones.

29. Opportunity value and profit information for leads: We’ll be making significant improvements to lead management in Knowify, enhancing all our CRM capabilities. The first step is displaying the opportunity and profit values for leads in Manage Contract Jobs.

30. Adjust cost and markup for time entries in the invoice: When invoicing billable items originated from time entries, now you can adjust the markup in the invoice.

31. Actions around review time: We´ve duplicated the actions at the top of the table of Review Time. This will be especially handy for those managing many entries at the same time.

32. Update contract breakdown based on budget changes: For those going back and forth between Plan&Track and Contract in the budgeting/bidding phase, you’ll have now the option to update the breakdown of materials based on changes in the list of materials of the project plan.

33. Resolved glitches:

– Dates in service summary report
– Success message in delete time entries
– Tax star when subtotals are not displayed in owner contracts
– Improved experience of companies with no departments
For those of you interested in learning more about QuickBooks Online, click here.
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  1. Thank you so much for listening! the ability to add catalog items on the fly is going to save me HOURS!

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