Release 2.23 – Change log

We just released a new version of Knowify with a large number of new features and improvements. All these changes are based on your feedback so we hope you are as excited as we are!

This is the complete change log:

1. Ability to invoice fixed priced jobs at the line item or job level

Now, when you have a fixed price job that requires regular invoicing, you can invoice progress for each line item or just invoice a part of the entire job. For those of you that, for instance, invoice 10% upon signature, 40% when the job starts, and the rest when the job is complete, you can now easily do that and you don’t have to deal with each line item included in the proposal.

Additionally, we’ve improved the user interface in the progress invoice popup, which will give you information about the total value of the job, previously invoiced value and current invoice.

2. Unsaved changes warnings

Losing changes because you didn’t save them is a bummer and now we’ll help you avoid this issue in the Plan&Track and Contract sections. If you navigate away without saving the changes, Knowify will give you the option to go back and save your changes.

3. Enhanced mobile onboarding

We always wanted to make the onboarding of mobile users as seamless as possible and now we are one step closer with our new Mobile Onboarding wizard. With this wizard, you’ll be able to track the onboarding process of your mobile users and help them if they get stuck. Knowify will help you communicate with them in both Spanish and English with predefined help messages. Meanwhile, in the smartphone app, the mobile users will go through a simple onboarding wizard that will guarantee that they can check in, check out, and provide location information.

4. Quickly build an itemized budget from an accepted proposal

Many of you rely on our Simple and Advanced modes for your jobs because they allow you to create proposals and send them to your customers very fast. Now, if you use these modes, you can also create a complete and itemized internal budget in Plan&Track once the proposal has been approved.

5. Enhanced RFI management

We have made RFIs even more powerful and with these changes you can now set the RFI number or the expiration date. We’ve also improved the user interface so that you can also easily determine the expiration date and extend it if necessary.

6. Easily include job comments in invoices

When creating a new invoice, you can view and add any comments connected to the job, either from the field or the office. This way you can collect the necessary pieces of information while completing the job and provide them to the client to craft a more complete and thorough invoice.

7. Minor improvements

  • Products and services used in contract breakdowns will automatically calculate markups based on your catalog prices and costs.
  • Now you can easily access the client contact information from the job section.
  • Subcontractors can be created in the Users section without having to create them in the Vendors section first.
  • When creating a new invoice you’ll be warned if there is an existing draft invoice for the same job.
  • Invoices for service jobs will rely on the company default payment terms.
  • When creating a new invoice for a cost plus job you’ll be warned if there is unapproved time for the job.
  • You can undo the rounding in time entries in the Review Time section.
  • For non-US companies, jobs with holdback will not allow the users to modify the price or quantity in the invoice to preserve the progress calculations.
  • The Manage Contract Jobs section will now provide information about budgets when available.
  • Fixed issues about formatting manually typed dates in bills and purchases.
  • E-signature reminders can now be sent from the contract section.
  • Item description can be edited after the Subcontractor PO has been issued.
  • Fixed issues around invoicing change orders approved on the same day as the invoice.
  • Improved performance in the Purchases History section.
  • Fixed issues around calculating the opportunity value for copied jobs.
  • Improved user interface in Plan&Track where we’ve grouped some secondary actions (scroll top/bottom, collapse/expand).
  • The check in/out view will allow you to change the date of the check in/out.
  • New beta Subs Report with all the contact information for the subs involved in the job.
  • Improved users interface in the map section of Service Jobs.
  • [QuickBooks] When creating a subcustomer for a new job, the subcustomer will take the email of the client’s job.
  • [QuickBooks] When sending invoices to QuickBooks, the invoice will include the email of the client.
  • [QuickBooks] Improved widgets in the user interface to view the sync details.
  • [QuickBooks] Automatically trim long descriptions in invoices and bills to prevent QuickBooks errors.
  • [QuickBooks] Setting the default catalog income and expense account are now part of the mandatory QuickBooks setup.
  • Visual cue in the footer of Knowify to let you know if the real time connection has disconnected and allow you to reconnect it.

Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!