Knowify 2.9: Release Notes

Dear Knowify Community,

Over the last few days we have introduced a bunch of feature enhancements based on feedback we’ve received from you, especially on the mobile app side. As a result, this update introduces some important upgrades and improvements that should make your Knowify experience even better.

Mobile App

1) Find a Job / Check-in: Knowify now offers a Find function workers can use to find a job and check in, even if they’re not scheduled for that job. This means that you no longer have to schedule a worker first for the Knowify check in / checkout tab of the mobile app to function. (For workers you do schedule, the experience remains unchanged).

Find jobs

2) Switch Jobs: Workers no longer have to check out of one job to check into another. They can just use “Switch” at the top right of their screen.

Switch jobs

Web App

1) Edit POs: POs are now editable! Note: Only admins and users with unlimited purchasing authority will be able to access this feature.

2) Email Templates: You can now create account-level default email templates in the Admin Sections’s ‘Customize’ tab. Create standard verbiage, signatures, etc., that will populate on every email you create for specific types of transactions (i.e., proposal, invoice, etc.). Don’t worry – you will still be able to edit the emails each time you’re about to send one out.

3) Work Order Outputs: Now, when jobs go live, Knowify lets you create a printable work order PDF. All you need to do is click the “Work Order” link at the top-left of the Plan and Track screen.

Work order

Tweaks & Other Improvements

1) Knowify now offers a unit price option on the Bills processing table.

2) You can now preview PDFs of POs prior to sending them.

3) Deliverables in “Other Agreements” are now sortable.

Of course, there’s always more to come! So, keep sharing your feedback, and keep watching for updates.

The Knowify Team