Release 3.14 – Change log

A new release is here with some exciting changes to simplify the management of your contracting business. This is a summary of the changes:

1. Foreman view: We have revamped the existing Foreman View so that it is easier and faster to use. The goal of this section is to allow you to enter time for your crews quickly and with these new improvements you will have a much better experience:

Knowify | Foreman View | Screenshot of Foreman View providing a list of resources and their hours for a given construction project

These enhancements apply to both the regular and overtime version of Foreman View. Also, we added a new bulk add/edit feature that allows you to quickly enter hours for multiple resources at the same time.

Knowify | Foreman View | Screenshot showing the bulk action to enter multiple time entries at once

2. Task management: Based on your feedback, we have improved the Task Management section of Knowify as follows:

– New filters ‘created by’ and ‘assigned to’ to simplify the search and identification of tasks. Now it is easier to determine what tasks have been assigned to you versus what tasks were created by you and assigned to someone else.

Knowify | Task management | Screenshot of the table view with search filters

– We removed the concept of ‘Owner’ to merge it with ‘Assigned to’. Now the owner of the task is the user creating it.

3. Payment integrations:

– Our Square integration is publicly available in Canada now.

– We have laid down the foundation for our integration with Intuit Payments, which we will make available in the coming weeks.

4. Importing budgets from plan into proposal: We have improved the ability to import labor, materials, and subs from the plan to the contract. The interface is a bit easier to manage and we were not able to import subs until now.

Knowify | Proposals | Animated gif displaying how to import planned budgets into a proposal

5. Other improvements:

– Gantt charts automatically scale to fit all phases.

– Changed plan status name from ‘Edit Mode’ to ‘Budget Mode’.

– Fixed bugs around semiannual maintenance contracts, remote documents in customer portal, and WIP / materials committed calculations when using subs.

– Improved language in warning emails when we do not receive an open email confirmation.