I’d KILL for a system to manage my service ticket and contract work!

If you’re a contractor who performs service ticket and contract work (electrical, HVAC, plumbing contractors, etc.), you’re probably struggling to find a system that helps you manage both aspects of your business. Sure, you’ve got QuickBooks®, but that doesn’t help you bid or manage projects, produce change orders and get them signed, schedule crews, etc. And most project management software is either really expensive or really clunky.

Why, you ask yourself, can’t someone build a system (yep, on the “cloud”) you and your crews can access from anywhere that also provides clear visibility to office-side superintendents, service techs, and jobsite foremen?

Full disclosure: We built it. It’s called Knowify, and here’s my two sentence commercial:

Knowify is the one-technology solution that delivers all the tools to run an efficient, profitable contracting business. Imagine you could tap powerful project management, bidding, change order management, purchasing, and invoicing tools that helped you really manage your long-term project work and team dispatch.

Knowify’s Resource Scheduler is built for the real contracting world. It’s flexible, so you can address issues on the fly, as they occur — like pulling workers off jobs at a moment’s notice to handle an important or emergency service item.

Or…you could keep running your business on Excel…

If you have any questions or wish to share your feedback, you can find us at support@knowify.com.

Knowify. Built for the real world.