Release 3.12 – Change log

A phenomenal new release is here to bring contracting business management to the next level. This is a summary of the changes:

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QuickBooks integration

Knowify QBO

As part of our December “Integration Month” series, we would like to introduce you to some of the integrations we’ve built to help our contractors connect their Knowify to useful services in a seamless way. From short-term funding to electronic payments to zapier-mediated CRM connections, we are putting a lot of effort into trying to help our users run their businesses more efficiently and get the most out of their Knowify experience. We’d like to begin the series with our very first integration, which remains our most important one: Intuit’s QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online.

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Pulling credit card transactions into Knowify from QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online has an awesome feature that can automatically load your Credit Card transactions into your QBO account. Knowify has an awesome feature that can automatically load your QBO transactions into your jobs. Put the two of them together, and you get some great automated job costing!

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What’s your business strategy — revenue or growth?

Writing for QuickBooks Resource Center, April Maguire tackled one of Knowify’s customers’ thorniest business dilemmas: Where to focus. Should you position your business with an eye to revenue or position your business with an eye to growth, and why does that matter?

According to Maguire, starting and growing a new business often means walking a thin line between earning revenue and pursuing growth. After all, she says, “a business can’t be successful if it doesn’t bring in profits, which requires revenue. In the long run, however, growing into new markets is crucial if a company hopes to move beyond the startup stage.”

Where are you?
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Who are you? (And why that matters to the people who hire you)

These days, it’s pretty easy to start a business. Maybe you started your career as a laborer. Then you picked up a couple of small jobs on your own (friends of friends of friends). Then you had to get more help. You hired a pal to take on some of the work, and suddenly you had to get more serious.

You printed up business cards, started chatting up architects or interior designers, made friends with the staff at the local hardware store, or Home Depot, or Lowe’s, asked for and referred business to other contractors or subs who don’t do what you do, posted your card or flyer on the corkboards at any local store or diner that would have you. Then what?

If you are still reading this, then you did not just sit around waiting for the phone to ring. You’re still in business. Growing that business is another matter.

Who should you call?

How about your accountant? Accountants see how other business, whether in construction like you or in other industries, start and evolve all the time. They should be an expert resource. Is yours?

Residential GC-ing, managing subs or even being a subcontractor managing clients, supplies, people, and jobs, is a lot harder than it looks. Add to that, managing your back office — contracts, invoices, collections, timesheets…the list goes on…it’s enough to make a normal person’s head explode.

Ask for help

Ask your accountant for recommendations on how to run your business more…well…like a business. You’re a contractor and a business owner, not a paper shuffler. There are lots of systems that take the pain out of bookkeeping (QuickBooks is one), and others (like Knowify) designed to help contractors manage the rest of their business efficiently and profitability– in and out of the field.

Knowledge is power

Does your accountant have it? Or is the firm simply “doing your books?” Accountants can be very expensive bookkeepers if they are not also advising you on best practices for running and growing your business. Ask for help. Demand recommendations. Discuss the tools and technologies available to you to evaluate the profitability of every client and every job so you can plan ahead.

Smart operations matter

Are you bidding accurately? Allocating time and materials appropriately? Do you know where your people are and what they’re doing?

You should. Accessing tools to deliver real transparency into hours, job assignments, client management, and productivity to ensure projects stay on schedule and on budget can make the difference between eking out a living and making real money. And maybe even cut down the back office cleanup you do nights and weekends.

How do you get there? Do your research. Knowify, for one, can help. We’re already helping contractors integrate their business management needs with accounting systems like QuickBooks from an easy-to-use interface accessible from any device — in the field and in the office.

If you have any questions or wish to share your feedback, you can find us at

Knowify. Built for the real world.

Don’t miss this Woodard + Knowify Construction Advisor Network Webinar, July 28th

Don’t miss this Woodard + Knowify Construction Advisor Network Webinar, July 28th at 4 pm EST It’s a win/win for advisors and contractors

If you are a QuickBooks Pro Advisor looking to build your construction practice, click here now to register for the Woodard + Knowify Construction Advisor Network Webinar Thursday, July 28th at 4 pm EST/1 pm PST. Learn how this Network designed specifically for advisors can help you grow your practice and help you help your existing clients.

Why attend?
The Woodard + Knowify Construction Advisor Network offers a game-changing opportunity for you to expand your advisory business by helping you identify the biggest opportunities and enhance and strengthen the service you deliver to clients.

Membership is FREE and delivers access to industry primers and best practices sheets/checklists right away. Plus, you have access to the some of the most experienced professionals in the business across the country — your peers and the ongoing support of Woodard and Knowify.

Win/Win for you and your clients
The Network is the first organization of its kind to offer members a two-way platform to:

  • Help them deliver enhanced business management services to existing clients; and
  • Funnel new business leads to help them grow their practices.

Founded by Woodard, the Intuit-centric resource for accountants, and Knowify, the QuickBooks-compatible business management software solution for small-to-medium contractors, The Construction Advisor Network also is the home of best practices, proven methodologies, and systems that permit you to deliver appropriate solutions that lead to great outcomes for your clients.

If you have any questions or wish to share your feedback, you can find us at

Knowify. Built for the real world.

Knowify and QuickBooks Online – Today’s ideal contractor business solution!

Join Knowify and QB Pro Consulting for a free webinar demonstrating the most cost effective, complete management solution for general and specialty contractors. Knowify, teamed with QuickBooks Online, provides its constructions clients with a best of breed solution for estimating, planning, managing, workflow collaboration and meeting profit goals.


Thursday, February 18th from 2-3 pm PST

QBO and Knowify

Free QB Pro + Knowify Contractor Webinar

Thursday, February 18th from 2-3 pm PST. Click here to sign up!

Want to run your business faster, smarter and more profitably? What’s stopping you?

You use a computer. You’ve got a smartphone, laptop, and maybe a tablet. You’re even using an accounting package like QuickBooks to help track payables, receivables, and estimate taxes. So it’s clear you’re not entirely afraid of technology…you’re just not using it to run the rest of your business. Big mistake!

Whiteboards? Spreadsheets? Really?

You’re a contractor. You run a business. How you run your business matters. Whether you do commercial construction, residential contracting, sub or service work, you juggle a lot of moving parts just to keep the doors open and your teams running smoothly. You’ve got to find the work, estimate spot-on to win the work, do the work, bill the work, and still make money.

Eliminate your spreadsheets today

How’s that going?

No one likes to leave money on the table. It’s stressful. You’ve got to plan every job carefully, itemize material budgets, schedule crews and then take all that data and create a bid attractive to that customer. Win the bid and you’ve got even more “paperwork.” You’ve got to generate contracts, get them to the customer for signature, create service orders, schedule teams and materials, and so on. Every job. Every day.

Are you running your business like it’s still the ’80s?

Maybe. Or maybe you’ve thrown out your paper ledgers and stepped up to an accounting software package like QuickBooks, which is great when it’s used to its fullest. But even QuickBooks can’t manage your day to day operations. It can do payroll. It can help you invoice. It can even remind you to pay your taxes. But…it cannot help you automate your company’s estimating/bidding process. It can’t help you manage projects, people, and workflow in the field or at your desk. Neither can Excel spreadsheets!

Click here to learn what can!

QBPro Consulting is partnering with Knowify for Contractors, the most cost-effective, complete business management solution for contractors to help you meet your profit goals. Join us on Thursday, February 18th at 2 pm for a FREE webinar just for general contractors, specialty contractors, and subs. Join Dan de Roulet, Knowify’s founder and CPA Rick Armstrong, a QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor for a deep dive into how to use technology better to maximize the ROI of your business efforts. Learn how this one-two combo knockout of Knowify + QuickBooks helps contractors like you master and manage your business.

Take action now. Sign up for the FREE QBPro Consulting + Knowify webinar!

Knowify and QuickBooks Online – Today’s Ideal Contractor Business Solution!

QBO and Knowify

Knowify on Intuit’s

We Love QuickBooks (But They Don’t Do What We Do!)



QuickBooks is excellent software for small business accounting. Hiking boots are great shoes. But just as you wouldn’t try to run a marathon in hiking boots – that’s not what they’re for! – you shouldn’t try to use QuickBooks to manage your day-to-day business processes… That’s not what it’s for! Now, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, there is a certain case for which QuickBooks alone would be fine as your core business management tool: if your business has very few employees, you have a background in accounting, and you don’t mind doing just about all the administrative tasks yourself. Needless to say, we think that most businesses would be much better off having both QuickBooks AND Knowify.

To see why, consider the simple example provided by purchasing: in QuickBooks, purchase orders are entered by permissioned users as vendor bill previews. Note that there are no workflows, so the permissioned users can only be those folks in your company with unlimited purchasing authority – and that’s probably not a lot of people! Note also that QuickBooks wants to know which account to put the expenses in. If you’re uncomfortable with accounting, you might accidentally make a nice mess for your bookkeeper to clean up! Knowify, on the other hand, is designed to allow all of your employees to enter purchase orders – you can control their purchasing authority in setup, and then let Knowify’s simple approval workflows kick in if a purchase order they’ve entered exceeds their spending limit. Knowify also doesn’t ask for inputs that they might not be able to provide – like accounts -, and instead asks only for information that they will know: is it for a client, for a project, etc. To make sure that spending ends up accounted for correctly, Knowify gives bookkeepers and accountants a chance to set defaults and direct traffic via the “accountants view”. So, as you can see, Knowify puts the business process first, but without sacrificing the accounting step. There are many, many similar cases across the two platforms, and that’s still leaving aside all the features in Knowify (like project management or resource scheduler) that aren’t found in QuickBooks at all.

Now, don’t get us wrong – we love QuickBooks. It is without question the best small business accounting package available… That’s why we chose to sync Knowify with QuickBooks – we know that businesses need to account for things. And indeed we believe that Knowify has one of the tightest integrations with QuickBooks available today. We push and pull near real-time updates to invoices, bills, clients, and vendors, ensuring that your actions in one platform are quickly reflected in the other. We also push Knowify timecards to QuickBooks, allowing you to take advantage of Knowify’s very powerful features involving time (like project management, time approval, and contract-specific billing rates) while retaining the payroll functionality you’ve come to rely on in QuickBooks.

Add Knowify to your business today, and find out what the combined power of QuickBooks and Knowify can do for you!