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Webinar – 5 Key Strategies to Increase Profitability

Did you know that there are only 5 things every business owner needs to focus on in order to grow the bottom line? More importantly, do you know what they are? Join us this Wednesday, July 18, at 4pm ET, for a free webinar with Karie Kaufmann, Business Coach, Joanna Knox, Business Development at Fundbox, and Terrin Kalian, Business Success at Knowify, to learn 5 key strategies to increase profitability in your business.

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In this interactive online workshop, Coach Karie will teach you the most effective strategies to increase profitability, including:

  • Lead generation that will fill the bank, not break it
  • How to compete based on value, not price
  • How to get more repeat business and referrals than you are today
  • …and ultimately, how to build a business that gives you more life and more profits – at the same time!

About Coach Karie

Since 2005, Karie Kaufmann, MBA, has coached nearly 1,000 business owners to achieve their goals, and take their business to the next level. Her clients report an average of 31% increase in revenues year over year, accomplished through improvements in sales, marketing, team development, and efficient systems. Her passions include her family, traveling, spreadsheets, iced espresso, and helping business owners grow their profits.

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