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“Knowify streamlines everything, which then streamlines our communication with the customer. It makes things a lot easier. Even after using Knowify for just a year or so, it’s helped a ton.”

Picture of Shane Vork | Vork Brothers Painting | Knowify
Shane Vork

Owner, Vork Brothers Painting

“The thing I love about Knowify is that it’s brought all the people in the business onto one platform. The transparency about what’s going on in the shop, in the office, on the floor, it’s all right there.”

Picture of Josh Young | Serett Metalworks | Knowify
Josh Young

Owner, Serett Metalworks

“I was clicking on the Smith job and boom—there’s the hours—okay great! Wow—look at that—we’re under budget! Where are my papers? I don’t have them anymore! I can’t tell you how much time you’ve saved me.”

Picture of Gregg Macdougall | Gregg Home Services | Knowify

Owner, Gregg Home Services