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Time tracking software for specialty contractors

Easy-to-use time tracking with clock-in & clock-out functionality

Knowify makes tracking employee time simple, so you can get fast and accurate time data for payroll and job costing without worrying about old-school timecards.

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One system for scheduling, time tracking, and project management

Run your business with a unified solution

Knowify equips your team with all the tools needed to manage the full project workflow. 

  • Create detailed project budgets and plans, then assign team members by phase or task.  
  • Automatically notify your team on Android or iOS so they know where to be that day.
  • Tracking billable hours for time and materials contracts, then invoice directly through Knowify.
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See geo and time-stamped clock-in info on a live map

Keep your team accountable with a real-time clock-in view

Keep your team on-time and accountable with a solution that makes time tracking easier for employees and admins alike.

  • Have your team clock-in with the Knowify mobile app on Android or iPhone and see their time and location on a live map. 
  • Set up a geofence around the jobsite to ensure our team clocks-in from the right location 
  • Get notified if your team clocks-in from outside your geofence, keeping them honest.

Integrated with QuickBooks Payroll

If you’re a QuickBooks Payroll user, integration with Knowify only takes a minute. Once you’re set up, Knowify will automatically pass over timesheet data that you can use to streamline your payroll process. 

Using a different payroll solution like ADP or Gusto? Knowify makes it simple to export your time for payroll in just a few clicks.

Track the full cost of each employee

Get hyper-accurate labor burden data for job costing

Never underestimate the cost of labor again. 

  • Automatically track employee time, including overtime, against the specific phase of the project they’re working for granular job costing. 
  • See fully loaded burden per employee, including hourly rates, insurance, and more, so you have a more accurate picture of how labor affects project profitability.
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Foreman section showing all time entries for a given job and date | Time tracking | Knowify feature
Easily approve and adjust employee time entries

Replace timesheet review and approval with a few clicks

Knowify gives you the flexibility to track time however works best for your business. 

  • Automatically track employee time using the Knowify mobile app or enable project managers and foremen to record time manually. 
  • Review, adjust, and approve time entries on a single screen, and view historical data for any pay period.

“We use the time tracking features to track each of our employees’ time – and it helps to allocate costs when it goes under the project they worked on.”

Source: G2 Crowd

Revamp your time tracking process

Choose a painless way to track your team’s time and get more accurate job costing and payroll data in a few clicks. Try Knowify free for 14 days, and experience next-level accountability and visibility for yourself.


How do you track labor in construction? 

Contractors have a lot of options when it comes to tracking labor. Many contractors use traditional methods like paper time cards or time sheets, others use a physical time clock that you might keep in a jobsite office, while others use mobile apps with advanced features like geofencing. 

For a contractor, it’s important to choose an option that your employees will use, while giving you the most accurate time data possible for your project job costing. Labor is almost always the largest expense on a project, so the more accurate your labor data, the better you can keep active projects on budget and estimate future projects with greater precision. 

What is the best time tracking app for construction? 

Knowify is a great choice for subcontractors and GCs with their own crews. Knowify tracks time via a mobile app that your employees install on their phone. You can set up a geofence around the jobsite to keep your employees honest and see their clock-ins on a map to stay informed. This labor data feeds right into Knowify, tracking against your budgeted labor costs in near-real-time.