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Electrical Contractor Software

Built to power your growth

With tools to help you win new business, manage projects and teams, track profitability, and get paid faster, Knowify makes running and growing your electrical contracting business easier than ever.

Picture of two contractors working on an electrical panel and product abstraction of business insights | Electrical industry | Knowify

Trusted by electrical contractors like you

“I always felt like we were better electricians than businessmen, and Knowify helped us get there. It saves me two hours in the office, every day. ”

Michael Haff
CEO, Castle Electric

Knowify is the main reason we’ve grown so much in the last few years. As the owner of the company, it easily saves me 15 or more hours a week.

Nathan Kohatsu
Owner, UK Electric

Take control of your business

Knowify gives you easy-to-learn tools that put you back in the driver’s seat. Know where you stand on every project. Make informed decisions with real-time financial data. Stay organized and on-track to hit your most ambitious business goals.

Grow Your Electrical Business

Save hours on admin work and grow profits

Manage your projects, teams, and finances in one place.

  • Quickly create professional, e-signable proposals and invoices to win more business and get paid faster.
  • See the financial performance of each job in real-time, and learn exactly where you’re making and losing money.
  • Monitor and communicate with your team from the field or the office, ensuring everyone is on-time and on-task.
  • Sync your data in real-time with QuickBooks Online and save hours on data entry every week.
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Financial and project management for the trades

Knowify gives you a complete picture of your business, from overall profitability to project progress.

  • Easily create project budgets that keep you profitable. Turn those budgets into sleek proposals in just a few clicks.
  • Make and issue invoices in seconds, and when an invoice is paid, your budget and WIP report updates automatically.
  • Use detailed job costing to capture and analyze costs in real-time. No manual data entry needed.
  • Track your team, equipment, and inventory with unparalleled precision.

Create proposals and invoices in minutes

Professional proposals win you jobs and timely invoices get you paid faster. Knowify helps you with both.

  • Turn project budgets into client proposals in minutes. Our team will even help customize proposals for you.
  • Use reusable job templates to save time and get bids out faster.
  • Choose from a range of invoicing styles: progress billing, time and materials billing, AIA-invoicing, and more.
  • Send automated payment reminders to stay on top of outstanding invoices and get paid what you’re owed.
Abstraction of a job proposal with a signature ready to be approved | Electrical industry | Knowify

“Knowify is the main reason we’ve grown so much in the last few years. As the owner of the company, it easily saves me 15 or more hours a week.”

Nathan Kohatsu
Owner, UK Electric

Bring financial and project management together

Stay organized and profitable

Knowify’s project management tools don’t just help you stay organized. They also collect valuable data that’s used to power your project’s job costing. Every clock-in, invoice, purchase order, equipment rental, and more is used to give you a real-time look at your project’s financial performance. It makes being profitable, easy… almost.

Service jobs via smartphone app | Electrical industry | Knowify

Take the hard work out of teamwork

Managing crews doesn’t have to feel like chaos. Knowify’s tools help your team work together and stay on-track.

  • Stay organized with tools that let you share messages, photos, and documents between the field and the office.
  • Simplify time tracking by letting your team clock in and out from the field with Knowify’s mobile app.
  • Easily oversee time tracking with admin tools that let you edit, approve, or deny timesheets.
  • Improve your job costing with more accurate labor data. No more lost timecards or back-of-napkin estimates.
  • Whether you work on service jobs or long-term contracts, Knowify’s scheduling tools help your team get to the right place at the right time.
Abstraction of a budget breakdown (materials, labor, equipment, subs | Electrical industry | Knowify

Accurate job costing, easier than ever

Manual cost tracking is tedious and error-prone. Knowify lets you job cost accurately and quickly with automated tools.

  • Every tool in Knowify is connected, so when your team clocks-in or an invoice is paid, your cost data updates automatically.
  • Detailed tracking lets you collect and compare costing data for labor, materials, equipment, and subcontractors against your budget.
  • Easily reference WIP reports as you work on a job, and see your projected profit or loss change as the job progresses.
  • Knowify’s industry-leading QuickBooks integration syncs all of your cost data with QuickBooks for a true construction accounting solution. No more double data entry.
Construction software in sync

Knowify integrates seamlessly with your accounting system

Knowify is built from the ground up to connect with QuickBooks Online. Our near real-time two way sync combines the powerful financial management and scalability from QuickBooks with construction-specific features and project management from Knowify, resulting in full financial insights for running and growing your construction business.

Visual using QuickBooks logo | Best QuickBooks version for contractors | Knowify

See Knowify in action

Schedule a 15-minute screenshare with a Knowify product expert, who will learn about your business and show you how Knowify can help you improve.


Here you can find most frequently asked questions about how Knowify. If you still have question do no hesitate to reach out to us at

What is electrical contractor software? 

Electrical contractor software is a type of digital tool that makes it easier to run an electrical business. It includes features that help with bidding, budgeting, job costing, project management, estimating, scheduling, inventory tracking, and overall financial management. 

When used consistently, electrical contractor software improves efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration, ultimately helping electrical contractors manage projects, resources, and finances more effectively.

Does Knowify work with QuickBooks? 

Knowify was built from the ground up to integrate with QuickBooks. We offer the deepest integration with QuickBooks in the construction industry. Knowify is the only solution that integrates with QuickBooks’ Projects feature, which is the best way for a specialty contractor, regardless of their trade, to manage the financial performance of their projects and jobs. All other solutions require workarounds that can limit your productivity and ability to understand your finances. 

Knowify also integrates with QuickBooks Desktop. Integration with QuickBooks Desktop is available on the Unlimited plan, and is a two-way, push-to-sync. The speed of sync depends on how you have QuickBooks Desktop implemented.

Does Knowify have a mobile app? 

Yes, Knowify offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android. With this app, your team can clock-in and out from the jobsite with geofencing, your foreman or team leads can manually log time for your crews, and authorized users can track purchases and expenses to support your job costing process. 

In addition, the full Knowify application is optimized for tablets, so you can access everything Knowify has to offer without needing to carry around a laptop or stay tethered to your desktop.

What kind of customer support does Knowify offer? 

Knowify offers free training when you sign up for one of our paid subscription plans. In addition to a robust knowledge base of written articles, we also offer monthly video training sessions for active customers Lastly, Knowify offers unlimited email/ticket support and phone support. Priority phone support (faster response time) is available on the Unlimited plan. 

I’m using spreadsheets or another tool to manage my projects and costs today. Is it difficult to transfer over my data to Knowify?

Knowify’s import wizard makes it easy to bring over teams, projects, material prices, and more from whatever tool you’re using today.

How long does it take to learn Knowify and train my team?

Most Knowify users are able to get their team up and running in just a few days, depending on the size and complexity of your current operations.

I’m brand new to job costing, is Knowify a good place to start?

Knowify offers three levels of job costing, each of which is slightly more intricate (and accurate) than the last. Whether you’re a job costing veteran or are just getting started, Knowify offers an easy-to-learn and use job costing experience.

Everything your electrical business needs to succeed

Whether you want to improve your job costing, team management, AP/AR processes, or overall project management, Knowify has you covered.