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Knowify was founded in 2012 based on the premise that it was time for the business management technology revolution to reach contracting businesses. Our aim is to streamline and simplify many of the frustrating aspects of running a small or medium contracting business, leaving you and your employees freer to focus on serving your customers.

To help you with your business transformation, we have assembled the Construction Companies Advisor Network, a country-wide network of CPAs and accountants providing services to construction companies.

Based out of New York, the Knowify team is ready and available to help you run your business better.

Know your business, grow your business.

revolutionizing the construction industry

Meet the founders

Knowify founders, Dan de Roulet Jr. and Marc Visent | Knowify

Dan de Roulet Jr.

Dan de Roulet Jr. co-founded Knowify in 2012, eager to help small businesses embrace technology. He made it his mission to revolutionize small-medium construction companies. “Construction businesses are insanely complex,” he says. “It’s a cruel irony that most construction workers entered the field because they hate desk work. They just want to be out swinging a hammer.” Dan hopes to minimize and simplify administrative work for construction business owners as much as possible so that they have the time and energy they need to do the work they truly love.

Marc Visent

As the co-founder and CEO of Knowify, Marc Visent manages the team and determines new strategies to move the company forward. He also plays a large role on the technical side of Knowify, supporting development and design for the product. Marc finds it deeply rewarding to see Knowify in action, and consequently, to watch the businesses of Knowify customers succeed. “We’re actually building something that helps small businesses,” he says. “When I hear one of our customers say, ‘I didn’t even know how we were managing before Knowify,’ that’s exciting. It means we achieved what we set out to.”