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Pricing and plans


$186 / mo

includes 1 user
+ $10 / mo / per additional user


$311 / mo

includes 1 user
+ $10 / mo / per additional user



$149 / mo

includes 1 user
+ $10 / mo / per additional user


$249 / mo

includes 1 user
+ $10 / mo / per additional user


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+ $10 / mo / per additional user

* All prices are in USD
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The perfect package for every stage of your growing business

Active jobs
The maximum # of contract jobs in-progress that have not yet received final payment
Up to 10Up to 25Unlimited
QuickBooks Online integration
Eliminate the need for double-data entry with a real-time sync between QuickBooks Online & Knowify
Budgeting and bidding
Create professional project budgets and proposals that win you more business and earn you more profit
Job costing and expenses
Track real-time material, equipment, labor, and subcontractor costs against every phase of your job
Invoicing and payments
Create, send, and track project invoices or payment applications for every type of job
Service jobs
Schedule and dispatch your team for maintenance jobs or short-term work, send clients text reminders
Scheduling and field team management
Schedule teams & use Knowify’s mobile app to track & share time, expenses, photos, & docs between the field & office
Project management
Go beyond spreadsheets with Gantt charts, dependencies, and other project management tools built for contractors
Customer communications
Win repeat business with customized documents, a powerful customer portal, and tools to send RFIs & submittals
Subcontractor management
Manage subcontractor relationships in one place. Share photos, POs, change orders, and process submittal requests
Advanced workflows
Manage inventory & equipment, set advanced user permissions for your team, track your sales pipeline
Reporting Essentials
Financially-focused reporting. Break downs on all your jobs, purchases, billing, profit/loss, payroll
Everything in Essentials, plus reports on retainage, work orders, sales and service, and a client-facing GC report
Access all reports in Knowify, including subcontractor reporting and a customizable reporting dashboard
Training & supportStandardStandardPriority


What counts as an “active job”?

In Knowify, after you collect final payment on a job, you have the ability to “close out” that job. Any contract jobs which you have won the bid for, and which are not closed out, count as active jobs. Service work does not count towards your active job limit.

What happens if I hit my active job limit?
  • For the Essentials plan, adding a job above your job limit will automatically upgrade you to the Advanced plan.
  • For the Advanced plan, adding a job above your job limit will automatically upgrade you to the Unlimited plan, at which point a member of the Knowify team will reach out to assist you.
Does Knowify integrate with QuickBooks Desktop?

Integration with QuickBooks Desktop is available on the Unlimited plan, and is a two-way, push-to-sync. The speed of sync depends on how you have QuickBooks Desktop implemented.

Who counts as a “user” on Knowify?

A Knowify “user” is anyone with access to the Knowify web or mobile app. For most businesses, this includes business owners, project managers, bookkeepers, and your team working in the field.

I’m using spreadsheets or another tool to manage my projects and costs today. Is it difficult to transfer over my data to Knowify?

Knowify’s import wizard makes it easy to bring over teams, projects, material prices, and more from whatever tool you’re using today.

How long does it take to learn Knowify and train my team?

Most Knowify users are able to get their team up and running in just a few days, depending on the size and complexity of your current operations.

I’m brand new to job costing, is Knowify a good place to start?

Knowify offers three levels of job costing, each of which is slightly more intricate (and accurate) than the last. Whether you’re a job costing veteran or are just getting started, Knowify offers an easy-to-learn and use job costing experience.

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