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Improve your construction accounting and project management skills with our free resources. Access tools, templates, in-depth ebooks, and video interviews with industry experts.

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Construction accounting
Job costing
Project execution
Visual using dollar sign iconography | Construction job costing guide | Knowify

The essential guide to construction job costing

Job costing

Everything you need to know about setting up a job costing process for your business.

Visual using check boxes and check marks iconography | Job costing audit checklist | Knowify

Job costing process audit

Job costing

Analyze your job costing process to find areas you can improve.

Abstraction of a spreadsheet to create a construction budget using iconography of a spreadsheet file and a dollar sign | Tools | Knowify

Construction budget template

Job Costing

Keep your next project on-track and under-budget.

Visual using check boxes and check marks iconography | Construction bid proposal checklist | Knowify

Construction bid proposal checklist

Project Execution

Make sure your next bid hits the mark with our checklist.

Visual using a document and exclamation sign iconography | Construction punch list template | Knowify

Construction punch list template

Project execution

Create punch lists with ease using our free template.

Illustration of a contractor in an orange vest | Resource center | Business assessment and action plan | Knowify

Business assessment and action plan for contractors

Business management

Audit your strategy and processes, then plan for improvements.

Visual using a document and checkmark sign iconography | Certificate of final completion | Knowify

Certificate of final completion template

Project execution

Create certificates of final completion easily with our editable template.

Picture of the construction of a 20-story building in Andorra | Certificate of substantial completion | Knowify

Certificate of substantial completion

Project Execution

Use our free template as a starting point for a certificate of substantial completion.

Project costs for a phase broken down by materials, labor, subcontactors, equipment & miscellanea | Resource center | Construction accounting | Knowify

Building financial success: Demystifying construction accounting for contractors

Construction accounting

Master the basics of construction accounting.

Picture of a job site in Miami | How to write a construction RFI | Knowify

Construction request for information (RFI) template

Project execution

Get the info you need to finish your next project with our RFI template pack.

Illustration of a contractor with his laptop | Resource center | How to improve project management and job costing | Knowify

How to improve project management and job costing

Project execution

Straightforward tips for becoming more productive, efficient, and profitable.

Illustration of two contractors on a rebar construction project | Resource center | How to strengthen client relationships | Knowify

Build and strengthen relationships with your construction clients

Construction accounting

Become a trusted advisor to your construction clients.

Visual using iconography: bull's-eye | Setting financial goals in construction | Knowify

How to set and hit financial goals for your construction business

Construction accounting

Chart the right course for your company’s financial future.

Picture of a contract looking forward in a jobsite | Resource center | How to modernize your contracting business | Knowify

3 simple ways to modernize your contracting business

Business management

Use these easy tips to revamp your business this year.

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