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Job Costing Software

Know your costs for every project

Complete confidence in your project and accounting data – that’s what you get with Knowify’s all in one solution. Real-time cost tracking captures every project input as it happens, including materials, equipment, subcontractors, and labor costs. Your project data syncs in real-time with QuickBooks, so you can save time, and be ready for tax season.

View of our contract jobs page where you can see revenue, cost, and profitability for each job | Job costing | Knowify features

Get real-time job cost accounting

Collect job costing data from the field and office, and see your projected job profitability in real-time.

Track costs against the project budget

See where you stand against budget for every phase of a job, and quickly understand why.

Manage your expenses

From the field or office — log expenses that map directly to the project phase your team is on.

See trends over time

Generate reports to find patterns in your job costs, and adjust your processes to secure more profits.

All-in-one job costing & project management software

Knowify helps specialty contractors manage their entire project lifecycle. Create a project budget, send out a proposal, track project milestones and financials, manage your team, and handle accounts payable and receivable, all in one place that syncs with QuickBooks Online.

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An unique approach to job costing

Knowify allows you to capture project costs quickly and completely. A unique job costing solution that connects team management, accounts payable, and accounts receivable, so data is entered once, and can then be used across the entire business.

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Manage purchases & bills with ease

See and manage project expenses and invoices as they happen. Your team can log receipts, time cards, and vendor bills from the field or the office, and they’re automatically organized by project, phase, date, and employee. Handle AR and AP in one central place.

“Knowify is the main reason we’ve grown so much in the last few years. As the owner of the company – it easily saves me 20-40 hours a week vs what I was doing on paper before. And that number goes up exponentially for about half the company.”

Nathan Kohatsu
Owner, UK Electric

The best QuickBooks Online integration in the construction industry

For small businesses looking for better construction accounting software, there’s no better combination than Knowify+QuickBooks Online. The platforms sync both ways in real time, so your job costing and project management software communicates directly with your accounting system, and vice-versa. Keep project managers in Knowify and accountants in QuickBooks Online, so everyone works where they’re comfortable, and the data never misses a beat.

The best construction accounting solution at the best price

Get the best price on Knowify+QuickBooks Online guaranteed when you sign up today.

Cost categories

  • Labor
  • Materials
  • Equipment
  • Subcontractors
  • Miscellaneous

Labor costs

Calculate your labor burden and track your true cost of labor for every employee, or employee group, for each project phase.

Material costs

Process purchase orders and vendor bills directly in Knowify or your integrated accounting solution, and see actual costs reflected against budget

Equipment costs

Understand the true cost of using owned or rented equipment on every phase of the job

Subcontractor costs

Track subcontractor costs against your budget and see how their work impacts your margin in real-time

See real-time financial performance on every project

Walk through Knowify with an expert and see how modern job costing can grow your profits, and save you headaches come tax time.


Here you can find most frequently asked questions about how Knowify. If you still have question do no hesitate to reach out to us at

What is construction job costing software?

Construction job costing software helps business owners, project managers, office managers, and accountants all stay on the same page regarding an individual project’s actual costs vs budgeted costs. Knowify’s job costing software helps small businesses capture material, equipment, subcontractor, and labor costs at the project and phase level, without having to dig through receipts, timecards, or spreadsheets. It also allows you to easily compare those actual costs to your project budget, so you can see which project phases and specific items cut into your profit the most.

What are the benefits of construction job costing software?

Construction job costing software makes it simple to track project expenses like materials, labor, and equipment against the project budget. This allows businesses to more easily report on financials, better estimate future project costs, and gain insight into which operational changes will help make their projects more profitable over time.

How does my job costing data move between Knowify and QuickBooks?

For QuickBooks Online users, Knowify has a real-time 2-way sync. As expenses, bill payments, and invoice collections are recorded in Knowify or QuickBooks Online, they can be seen immediately in the other platform – mapped to the correct project, vendor, and cost category with no additional input needed. This means that every member of your team – whether they primarily work in QuickBooks Online or Knowify sees the same data at the same time, so nothing gets missed.

Can you do job costing with QuickBooks Online alone?

QuickBooks Online is a great small business accounting software, but is not optimized for construction accounting on it’s own. QuickBooks Online misses crucial construction features like WIP reporting, the ability to send construction specific invoice formats, and doesn’t allow you to break out project costs by phase and cost category with the same consistency and granularity that Knowify does. Combine Knowify+QuickBooks Online to fully streamline your job costing and accounting processes.

Does Knowify integrate with other accounting systems?

Aside from QuickBooks Online, Knowify also integrates with QuickBooks Desktop, available on our “Unlimited” plan.

Is my business too small for job costing?

No way! For small businesses, job costing is sometimes even more important than for larger businesses. Construction job costing software like Knowify makes it easy to capture project cost data, so you can keep your projects profitable, and maintain the healthy cashflow needed to take on new projects, make new hires, and purchase new equipment.

What kind of data does construction job costing software provide me?

Construction job costing software like Knowify can help you answer critical questions about a project while it’s still in progress. You’ll be able to look in real-time at any project, and see which phases are running over budget, and what the costs were that pushed it over the edge. When you collect that data over multiple projects, you’ll be able to see trends in your business, such as which crews are most efficient, which clients frequently have budget overruns, and where your cost centers are. Knowify allows you to collect expense data broken out by project, project phase, and cost category (materials, equipment, labor, subcontractors, miscellaneous).

Can I manage cost codes in Knowify?

Yes, you can tie cost codes to project phases in Knowify, so that you can easily see the budgeted cost vs actual cost of that phase for an individual job, or look at how that phase performs across all jobs, from a financial perspective.

Does Knowify handle WIP reporting?

Yes, Knowify offers the strongest WIP reporting capabilities in the construction space – get real-time details on every project, at a glance.

Will Knowify help me see which estimators are most effective?

Knowify allows you to easily track which estimator worked on which project, and then report on actual costs vs budget for those projects, so you can see which estimators on your team are most accurate.

Will Knowify provide my accountant with the data they need to help me stay organized and ready for tax time?

Without a doubt. Knowify is one of the only accountant approved apps in the QuickBooks App Marketplace, and thousands of accountants around the world choose Knowify to help their clients get organized, tax-ready project data.

How does Knowify capture labor costs?

Knowify captures the fully-loaded labor burden for your employees on the job. This means that we take into consideration things like benefits, union dues, overtime, etc – and not just the hourly or salaried rate you pay them. This helps you understand the true cost to your business of having that employee working on a specific job, or specific phase.

Knowify captures time worked in one of two ways = either your team can clock-in and clock-out using the Knowify mobile app, or time can be manually entered using the ‘foreman view’.