Progress billing is an important part of construction invoicing. Most large projects need to be billed on a percent-completion basis; further complication matters, it very common for those projects to be broken down into phases that are individually billed by their percent-completion.

How do you keep track of it all? How can you know whether you can bill for certain change orders, or what you billed last time?

Knowify takes progress billing and makes it simple, allowing you to complete in minutes what used to take a lot longer! And because of it’s industry-leading integration with QuickBooks, Knowify will ensure that accounting side is kept completely up to date as you invoice your jobs.

Take back time lost to administrative process

With Knowify you don’t have to check previous invoices. Just click on Invoice Now and you’ll get all the information you need to invoice for the progress up to date. No more mistakes.

Professional invoices with custom templates

Produce an invoice in minutes and email it to the client. Knowify has a powerful template engine that will adjust your invoice outputs to your preferred look and feel.

Powerful Reporting

Keep track of your job progress and produce reports for internal purposes or to share with your clients.