Sales report from Knowify

Growing your business: Using the Knowify sales report as a catalyst

It’s become an accepted truism among economists and high-end business consultants: what you measure is what you get (see HBR Column: You are what you measure). It may sound complicated, but it’s not; the core concept is that your employees will do more of whatever you measure in terms of performance (especially if there are $-related consequences!), and less of whatever you don’t. So – what are you measuring in your business? And are you sure you’re measuring the right thing?

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Knowify Feature Fit Small Business

Fit Small Business Feature

Implementation: How to get started with Knowify… and succeed!

Maybe you’ve already decided to move forward with a business management package like Knowify. Maybe you’re just starting to think about it. In either case, you should be aware that implementing powerful, fully-integrated software packages is no small task. Please: go in eyes-wide-open. Knowify will transform your business for the better, but it does require an investment from you and your team – not typically in terms of monetary outlay (which is small), but rather in terms of time and a commitment to change old, stale business processes. If you’re ready to make the change though, and to embrace more streamlined, automated, and modern ways of running a contracting business… then read on!

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Summer Updates

Fall is almost upon us and we thought it would be the perfect occasion to summarize some of the enhancements we’ve released over the summer. We know you were busy, so most of these improvements have been applied to your account without disruption and you may have already noticed them. These are the highlights:

– Order materials for multiple phases in one single Purchase Order: If you use Knowify to send POs to your vendors, you’ve probably discovered this new feature that has been one of the most requested enhancements in Knowify history! Now, from Plan&Track, you can order budgeted materials for multiple phases in one single PO. Just click on “All phases” in the footer of this pop up and select the items.

Screenshot displaying the Plan & Track section

– Check in/out reminders set by the office: We’ve had reminders in the smartphone app for a while, but they were mostly set by the mobile user. Now, you can set them from the office and apply them to all mobile users in your account. Just go to the Admin section, Customize tab, and open the section Phone Reminders. There you can set the time for both the check in and check out reminders.

Screenshot displaying the Phone Reminder section

– Total counts in Review Time: Managing a large number of time entries in the Review Time section can be tricky, but we have added a feature to simplify the process. As a first step, you can see that we’ve added a new count (‘Total period’) in the footer of the Review table. Now we also show you the total number of hours and $ for the entire group of entries matching the search parameters (the period), not only the count for those being displayed in the current page of the table.

Screenshot displaying the Review Time section and the counts at the footer of the table

– Unallocated buckets: In the Internal module you can now see the Unallocated buckets for each of your departments. This will help you keep track of any expenses that remain unallocated in Knowify.

– Improved activity feed: We are gradually making the Activity Feed of Dashboard much more user friendly. Now you can have a better understanding of what’s going on in your company across jobs. We’ve improved the look and feel over the summer and we plan on adding some actionable features before the end of the year. Stay tuned!

Screenshot displaying the activity feed in Dashboard

– Re-opening Purchase Orders: Admin or users with unlimited approval can re-open Purchase Orders now. Just go to the details page of the PO and use the drop-down menu to find the option.

– Wizard to fix $0 time entries: Often, we create users but forget to assign them a burden hourly cost. If they track time, the entries will have a $0 cost. Now you can fix these issues in the Review Time page by clicking on the wrench icon next to the time entry cost.

Screenshot displaying to fix $0 time entries

– Search items by Item Number: When searching items in the catalog, now you can search by Item Number as well.

– Editing job in check in/out entries: In the Check In/Out View we let you modify the job for a given entry. This is perfect for those in the office that have to correct check in/outs against the wrong job.

Screenshot displaying the feature to change the job in a check in

– Notify Crew via Service Ticket: Now you can notify your crew with smartphone push notifications without leaving the Service Map. Just click in the service ticket and expand the dropdown menu.

– Catalog items in plan templates: When applying a Project Plan template, now we also take the Catalog Items from the template and apply it to the new plan.

– Working in the field with poor signal: We know that many jobs sites don’t get great signal, so we’ve been working hard to make the app work seamlessly even in low connectivity environments. Please make sure your crews are running the most recent versions of the app. If they aren’t already, you can always send a push notifications to all the phones via Dashboard to remind them.

Screenshot displaying the Notify Crew section in Dashboard

– Contract Jobs Overview in Dashboard: We’ve strengthen this feature to account for estimated values in Cost Plus jobs in the Opportunity Section.

– New Phases Report: New report listing all phases for all active jobs. This is a perfect tool to make sure you are not missing anything, especially if you run many jobs at the same time. It’s a good complement of our Manage Phases section for those that prefer spreadsheets.

Screenshot displaying the Phases Report

– New Billable Items Report: If you run Cost Plus jobs, you might benefit from a report that shows all billable items for the job. You can also filter it by date range, in case you are looking for billable items for a given period. This is a useful report to have when you are preparing a invoice for a Cost Plus job, especially when there are many billable items involved.

Screenshot displaying the Billable Items Report

– [Growth and Enterprise Plans] Job Progress Report filtered by Tag: For those running this report, you can filter the results selecting a specific tag. This is convenient for those businesses running multiple divisions, like commercial vs residential, or construction vs service.

– [International Plans] Improvements around taxes: For our international friends, we’ve been enhancing the way we manage taxes in purchases and bills. As you already know if you use QuickBooks, tax management has been changing a bit and we are making sure all our features involving taxes work seamlessly despite these changes.

– [QuickBooks] Use catalog defaults for expenses: We’ve adjusted the logic for expenses pushed to QuickBooks so that if you use a Catalog Item, the expense will be pushed to the Expense Account associated with the Catalog Item. If there is none, then we’ll fall back to the default Vendor Expense Account. As a last resort, we’ll use the default Company Expense Account. This gives you more flexibility when allocating costs.

Knowify named FrontRunner for Construction Management Software

New York, NY 8/6/18— Knowify is thrilled to announce that we have been named a FrontRunner for Construction Project Management software by Software Advice. FrontRunners is designed to help small businesses evaluate which software products may be right for them.

FrontRunners is published on Software Advice, the leading online service for businesses navigating the software selection process. FrontRunners evaluates verified end-user reviews and product data, positioning the top scoring products based on usability and user recommendations for small businesses. The FrontRunners for Construction Project Management software can be found here: Front Runners for Construction Project Management.

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Feature of the Week: E-Signature

Here at Knowify we are always looking for ways to help you save time and make money faster. We know that the key to saving time is quick and easy communication. Our priority is to make communication easy both internally between you and your team and externally between you and your clients. It is likely that you will have lots of communication with your customers throughout the span of each job. One of the most critical interactions that you will have is the communication around the client signing your bid. Very simply, without a signed bid there is no job to work on. Taking advantage of our E-Signature portal will help you with getting jobs signed and getting them signed faster.

Using our E-signature portal and sending your bid through email puts you one step ahead of the game. Customers are more likely to sign a bid with someone they see as professional and efficient. Having a clean looking proposal that is up to date with technology – really, who uses paper these days? – will impress your clients and give them confidence that they are choosing the right company to trust with their job.

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Webinar: 5 Key Strategies to Increase Profitability

Did you know that there are only 5 things every business owner needs to focus on in order to grow the bottom line? More importantly, do you know what they are? Join us this Wednesday, July 18, at 4pm ET, for a free webinar with Karie Kaufmann, Business Coach, Joanna Knox, Business Development at Fundbox, and Terrin Kalian, Business Success at Knowify, to learn 5 key strategies to increase profitability in your business.

Click here to sign up for this free webinar now!

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Putting Numbers on the Knowify Productivity Improvement

It is nearly impossible to make it through a day without encountering an eye-roll-inducing product claim. You know the kind: Younger! Smarter! Healthier! Richer! Marketing language has extended so far into the realm of the preposterous that most of us are immune to it.

But it’s one thing to make a claim, and another thing entirely to back it up with numbers. We here at Knowify have long promised productivity increases – but what does that mean exactly? Is it a soft, wishy-washy claim that you’ll feel more organized and ‘productive’, but mostly business will roll on as usual? Or does it mean a significant change in your business processes in a way that will lead to efficiency, growth, and (hopefully) business transformation? Here’s what the data have to say:

Companies take on 20% more jobs by the end of their first year
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Screenshot from the Knowify web app displaying a project plan with tracking information.

Project Costing and Tracking – Two Things That Belong Together!

Business people who work consistently on fixed-priced contracts learn early on that the profitability of their business depends on two things: the quality of their job costing analyses and their project management/execution. Surely Microsoft helped many businesses – and saved many an envelope – when it introduced Excel in 1985. But this is 2018 business, not 1985, and using Excel to cost out your projects and run them is going to put you at a disadvantage vs. competitors that are using modern technology.

While Excel can do a fine job calculating your cost estimate from your line-by-line manual entries, it will in no way help you translate your estimate to actual real-world activity, nor will it give you any insights (absent further manual entries from you) into how you’re performing on your project. Worse, as we all know, everything in Excel is subject to human error: accidentally messing up a formula or misentering even a single field could cost yourself thousands.

Enter Knowify project management. We bring job costing and project management together in a simple yet incredibly powerful way to ensure that you can produce a precise job cost estimate AND track, on a continuously updated basis, your performance against your targets.

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Onboarding Knowify

This week we are taking a break from our “Feature of the Week” to highlight the most important features and settings when getting started with Knowify! Onboarding Knowify is an important process. It can be fun, and even therapeutic, organizing your business to fit into our system.

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