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All-in-one software for your construction business

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Knowing how you’re doing on a given job—and being able to identify the “problem jobs” at a glance across all your open jobs can help to ensure that you stay out of trouble and continue to deliver on-time and on-budget. Many contractor business software or accounting software programs can tell you how you did at the end of the job, and others can help you budget. But how many can tell you both, and, more importantly, tell you how you’re doing mid-stream? Knowify gives constructors easy-to-use software to handle job costing, contracts, estimates, project management, time tracking, scheduling, invoicing & billing. Let us help you reduce the clutter, improve your efficiency, and grow your business.

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Top-rated QuickBooks-integrated product on Intuit QuickBooks’ app store.

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powerful bidDING and estimating TOOLS

Win more business with modern, e-signable bids

Knowify will allow you to quickly and easily prepare bids for commercial GC jobs as well as bids and contracts for your jobs with property owners. Use Knowify’s e-signature to capture your counterparty’s acceptance of your terms. Once the job is running, Knowify’s powerful built-in Change Order features will allow you to send out change orders for acceptance on the fly from wherever you might be.

E-signature portal to approve a change order online | Construction management software | Knowify

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“The entire team can access to review job costs and profitability reporting. Absolutely love the built in AIA billing format and the ability to email out of the application. We also use the app in the field to capture and review employee time. It’s very seamless.”

Kathy Mahon

Accounting Manager, Southwest Earthwork

“The bird’s eye views of your whole business… Organization on a job-by-job basis so I can pinpoint where I can take advantage of making money and identifying where things cost us money.”

Michell Lalonde

President, Texas Pride Custom Floors

Real-time analytics

Make better decisions with real-time job performance data

Knowify has built-in project management tools that can be used to estimating jobs and to track their performance once they begin. Unlike any other software available, our project management is fully integrated with timekeeping and purchasing, so you’ll be able to see your real-time job costing against your labor and materials budgets.

Real-time analytics on job status and team activity | Construction management software | Knowify

Invoice faster

Knowify supports both standard invoicing and AIA-style (g702/703) commercial general contractor invoicing. Our AIA-style invoicing tools will allow you to complete in minutes what used to take hours. However you invoice your clients, we’ll make it much, much simpler, and produce attractive, professional invoices that can be submitted directly to your clients. Additionally, Knowify will let you connect with your QuickBooks accounting software to eliminate the need of double entering any data.

Example of schedule of values invoice | Construction management software | Knowify
smartphone app

Time tracker + Knowify app

Your team members can use either a computer or a mobile device to track time. Whether you would rather have each worker use our GPS-verified check in/check out features in the mobile app, have a foreman enter time for everyone from the jobsite, or keep manual timecards in the office, we’ll have you covered. We also have time review built in, ensuring that the office will always get the visibility and control over timekeeping that it needs.

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Advanced project management, including Gantt charts, and dependencies.

Powerful reporting, including work in progress, backlog and job costing reports.

Desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Purchase order and expense management from the office or the field.

Industry-leading two-way QuickBooks sync.

Powerful integrations with Zapier, PaySimple, and more.

Simple job and crew scheduling.

Personalized PDF outputs for bids and invoices.

Comprehensive in-app and phone support.

Intuit QuickBooks logo in white | Integrations | Knowify
industry leading bi-directional sync

Knowify integrates seamlessly with your accounting system

Give the accounting side of your business the visibility it needs without impacting the productivity of your employees. With Knowify only your accountant or bookkeeper has to deal with finding the right account. The rest of your firm can really focus on what really matters to your clients.

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