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Gain the visibility you need to make better, faster decisions

Profitability and reporting

Knowify’s advanced reporting tools give you insights into all areas of your business’ performance, and will reveal aspects of your operations that you may not have known previously. For example, Knowify’s project reports helped one large contractor discover that one of their crews was about 20% less efficient than the others. That’s a significant drag on profitability! When coupled with your experience, Knowify’s reports will lead to better decisions made faster.


Unlock operational insights in your business data


Spot problems impacting profitability


Make better, faster decisions

Revenue breakdown and profit/loss analytics | Profitability and reporting | Knowify feature
Get business insights from a system made for business people

Way beyond accounting

Your accounting software may provide basic financial reports, which are useful and important for some things. But your accounting reports probably aren’t going to do a great job of helping you determine whether you’re ahead or behind on your jobs, because they’re just not designed for that. Because Knowify captures details accounting software doesn’t—things like expected total man-hours to complete a line item of work and production progress—, your Knowify reports are going to be much better positioned to give you real-time, actionable insights into your job performance.

Improving your profitability over time

Knowify also provides reports across your jobs, meaning that you’ll be able to run reports that will tell you what sorts of jobs make you the most money, which line items of work you consistently underbid, and more. These sorts of reports give your estimators and project managers important, real-world feedback that they can use to improve, and can help you (as the business owner) make strategic decisions on where to focus your marketing efforts, where to bid more aggressively, and more.

Dashboard cards for contract jobs overview and job progress | Profitability and reporting | Knowify feature

What Knowify users are saying about our reporting

“Our ability to track job profitability, manage employee’s time, and provide easy reporting for the bosses has been fantastic.”


Engineer, Carpentry Plus

“Knowify excels in connecting the user with the client in terms of financials. Contracts are made easily and change order management is a breeze.”

Gavin Dunn

Owner, Castle Electric

State-of-the-art custom reporting

Knowify’s custom reporting tool lets you compile reports not offered anywhere else. You’ll be able to ask questions like ‘what are my man-hour production rates by crew?’ or ‘what is my average job margin by zip code’? Together, we can answer the tough questions that lead to breakthroughs in your business’s growth!

Experience the Knowify difference

Meet a Knowify product expert on a video screenshare, where you’ll get help setting up your trial account, get your questions answered, and ensure you’re set up for success with Knowify.