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Custom Controls Group

Specialty contracting | Columbus, OH

Custom Controls Group (CCG) is a building automation/systems integration company based out of Columbus, Ohio. Using more than 60 combined years of industry knowledge and experience, CCG provides building owners and operators with uniquely tailored, application specific, and highly effective project solutions, exceeding all expectations. Treating every customer as if they are their only customer, CCG continues to lead in their skill but in their service as well. With two business owners actively involved in the day to day operations of the company, CCG has a high-performance approach to projects, quality standards, and detailed follow through.

Picture of Mike Tackett | Custom Controls Group | Knowify case study

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Falling apart

In 2010, when Custom Controls Group (CCG) began, they were using Excel as their primary means of job management. This got the job done… for a while. Then, six years later, one of his partners — the one in charge of bookkeeping — left CCG. It was after this that Mike realized what kind of mess they were left with.

As a company that takes great pride in their customer service, with a mission to treat each and every customer as if they were their only customer, it was extremely important to Mike and the rest of CCG that they stay organized and on top of their job as not to let their customers down.

Handling sub-contractors and organizing contracts is one ordeal, but managing materials was his biggest factor. “It’s getting all of these parts together and getting them ordered” Mike explains, “when are they coming in? How are they going out? POs and tracking!” There are often so many parts that go into a project that it becomes increasingly difficult to monitor the finances. “It’s an orchestra. Not always orchestrated well, but it’s an orchestra being conducted.”

Mike needed an easier and more efficient way to manage all his jobs in addition to having the ability to track profit margins. Otherwise, it’s easy to get so lost in the details that the big picture goes out of focus. From start to finish, putting together a sizeable project can take hours of his time; time that Mike would rather spend out on the field.

“At any given time I couldn’t ask my partner or answer myself, ‘How much money did we make on that job?’ ‘What was our profit margin?’ We had no idea.”

mike tackett

Mike finds a new match

In May of 2016 (shortly after his partner left) Mike found Knowify. “When I first looked at this product I kind of got the feeling you guys were a little bit like us: fairly small but growing” Mike said, “This product will scale with us as we grow.”

What Mike wanted was a place where he could carry out every aspect of a project from beginning to end: a one stop shop. No matter how groundbreaking a service is, when using any new software, the learning curve tends to be steep. For this reason, guidance is essential. “I don’t care how good you think your product is. My first question is: How is your customer service?”

As a team that provides exceptional service, finding a company that would provide that same level of elevated service to him as a customer was a high priority. When a problem comes up, Mike can’t afford to wait around just for a response. “I don’t have two days to waste on a single problem and be hung out to dry for a day or two or more.” He says, “Your customer service has been awesome. I mean you guys always answer the phone and for our office manager that means everything.”

Happily ever Knowify

Now, Mike can create a project, plan & track all the parts, get contracts out to clients, and get the job started all under an hour. “Actually last week I had a decent sized job and I put the quote together in about 15 minutes. I sent it out electronically for a signature. He signed it and it was back within 10 minutes. Then the next time I looked the job was active.”

It is a privilege for Knowify to be able to provide Mike with the tools he needs to continue to provide exceptional and efficient service to his customers. We are delighted to be able to offer him a solution that allows him to spend less time in the office and more time out in the field doing what he does best – making customers happy.

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