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Business process management

Get more control over how your business runs

For more complex businesses that need another level of organization and process, Knowify offers powerful tools for keeping your entire business running smoothly. Take advantage of easy-to-use equipment and parts management functionality, set granular permissions for your team, and manage multiple franchises or business divisions from a single parent account.

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Keep track of every part or piece of machinery

Create a parts inventory and track them as their used on a job to easily identify hidden cost centers.

Get complete control of user permissions

Customize access permissions for each team member to control what they can access and what they can’t.

Manage mulitple businesses in one place

Running multiple companies? Give them each a Knowify account and manage them all from one dashboard.

Keep projects moving with Knowify

Knowify’s construction management tools gives project managers the planning and tracking tools to execute every job on time and on budget. Use Gantt charts to build out project phases, and create dependencies to shift the timeline up or down as the project rolls on. Break out projects into tasks and assign them to specific team members, who can in-turn log daily production tracking notes to provide two-way communication between the office and the job-site.

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Parts inventory management

Build a repository of your parts, allocate them to jobs, and see how they’re being used in real-time. Track parts as they’re used and assign them to jobs, so you can find inefficiencies and cost-centers, and take the steps needed to correct them.

Equipment management

Add your equipment inventory, and assign each tool or machine to a specific department to easily track who is using what. Assign hourly rates to rented or owned equipment to calculate the full cost of equipment on each job with precision.

“One of the main reason I went with Knowify instead of some of the competitors was the versatility, and the customization.”

Nathan Kohatsu
Owner, UK Electric

Manage Multiple Business Units

User permissions & multi-account

Give each division or location of your business their own Knowify account to manage, and oversee them all from a single “master” view. Set granular permissions, and determine exactly who gets access to certain financial reports and dashboards.

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The strongest QuickBooks Online integration in the construction industry

For construction teams looking for a fully-loaded construction project management and accounting solution, there’s no better combination than Knowify+QuickBooks Online. A two-way sync means there’s never any importing or exporting between systems, and project managers, business owners, and accountants can all work in whichever platform they prefer.

The best construction accounting solution at the best price

Get the best price on Knowify+QuickBooks Online guaranteed when you sign up today.

Experience powerful, customizable construction project management software for subcontractors

Try Knowify free for 14 days, and experience a better way to organize and run your construction business.


Here you can find most frequently asked questions about how Knowify. If you still have question do no hesitate to reach out to us at

What makes Knowify different from other construction management software?

Knowify is an end-to-end construction project management software, meaning all of your financial management like accounts payable and job costing happens in the same platform where you handle project planning and team scheduling. A best-in-class integration with QuickBooks Online makes Knowify the top choice for construction businesses looking to better organize and grow their business with confidence.

How many business accounts can I manage under my “parent” account?

As many as you’d like. Knowify makes it easy to swap between businesses and keep data separated in the way that’s best for you.

Is Knowify just for specialty contractors?

Knowify is a great solution for specialty contractors, general contractors, home builders, and remodelers. Small businesses with growing teams and multiple projects should explore a trial of Knowify, and see if it’s the right solution for them.