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Construction Budgeting software

Budget-powered construction bids

Knowify’s construction budgeting software helps you create precise project budgets and turn them into professional bids with just a few clicks. Track cost categories against your budget in real-time. Watch as those costs are reflected in QuickBooks Online without any extra steps.

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Detailed budgets

Labor, materials, equipment, subs, and more. Broken out by line item and by project phase.

Real-time data

See the effects of purchase orders, change orders, and production, as they happen.

Professional bids

Turn your project budget into a professional and e-signable proposal in seconds.

Synced accounting

Eliminate manual data entry with a two-way, real-time QuickBooks integration.

Construction budgeting software that maximizes profit and minimizes risk

Knowify’s project management workflow saves you time and keeps you profitable. Use customizable templates to speed up the budgeting process, or start from scratch and input your cost estimates by line item and project phase. See estimated profitability change in real-time as you adjust your quoted customer pricing, so you can ensure healthy profit margins and cashflow.

Abstraction of costs tracked by materials, labor, equipment, and subs | Budgeting | Knowify features

Turn complex project plans into easy-to-use construction budgets

Knowify’s budgeting tools make it easy to forecast and track against project costs in one place. Job costing tools show you how project financials change as your team logs hours on the job site, you log purchase orders, or as your customers pay their latest invoice.

Abstraction of a proposal ready to be signed by the customer | Budgeting | Knowify features

Construction budgeting software that helps you win more bids

Streamline your bidding while protecting your bottom line. Turn budgets into branded proposals in just a few clicks. Adjust your markup and see projected profitability change in real-time. Get notified when your client e-signs, so you can get to work without any time wasted.

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“I noticed I was way over budget and it didn’t make sense. So I looked into it further on Knowify, and discovered that my guys had done extra work.”

Matt Curatola
Founder, MPC Plumbing and Heating

Construction budgeting software that leads to bigger profits

See how you can use Knowify to quickly build accurate budgets for every job, and turns those budgets into proposals in minutes.


How does Knowify integrate with my accounting software?

Knowify has an industry-leading integration with QuickBooks Online and Desktop. The real-time two-way sync means you and your team can work in one system, and see the data reflected in the other without any additional data entry.

Can I create a catalog of materials to use for my project budgets?

Knowify allows you to keep a comprehensive catalog of all the materials and services your business offers, along with cost, description and any additional info you’d like to include. This allows you to quickly create budgets without a lot of manual data entry.

Can I customize my proposals?

Yes, Knowify allows you to fully customize your proposals with your company logo, terms and conditions, and more. If the proposal doesn’t look exactly how you’d like it to, Knowify’s team is standing by to help you customize further, and create a proposal that looks exactly how you’d like it to.

Why should I use Knowify’s proposals?

Knowify allows you to easily send out professional-looking proposals for signature electronically, and once those proposals are signed and accepted, the job automatically becomes active in Knowify, so you can start tracking your progress and costs against your budget.

If you create a project budget before sending out your proposals, Knowify allows you to easily add markup to that budget, and turn it into a client-ready proposal in just a few clicks.