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Construction project scheduling software

Schedule and manage your team with ease

Knowify makes it easy to schedule individuals or teams to long-term projects or single-day dispatch jobs, and gives those crew members all the tools needed to track accurate time on-site, expenses, and more. Keep your billable hours accurate and make payroll processing a breeze with Knowify.

Abstraction of scheduling for both service and contract jobs | Scheduling and team management | Knowify features

Make accurate scheduling & time tracking a breeze

Quickly view construction project schedules or dispatch work, and assign jobs or tasks to the right individuals or crews from your team.

Keep your team accountable for their hours

See as project team members clock-in for the day with a live map view. Review and manage your team’s timecards in one central place.

Capture expenses, photos, and notes from the field

Get all the crucial project information from the job site to the office in real-time, with Knowify’s expense and document management tools.

Sync in real-time with QuickBooks Online

Make cost tracking a breeze with the strongest and most comprehensive two-way QuickBooks integration in the construction industry.

Construction project management software with scheduling and time tracking

Knowify is an end-to-end construction project management software, meaning you can assign your team to the job without having to jump over to a separate scheduling software. Assign and notify teams in just a few clicks. View your full project timeline and see project costs update as your team logs their time, material purchases, and any other expenses from the field.

Job board section showing how to allocate multiple resources to a job | Scheduling | Knowify feature

Schedule your team

Project managers, foremen, and office staff can view and edit project schedules by project phase, and assign individuals or full crews with a simple-to-use drag and drop interface.

Close up of tracking time for a specific job on the smartphone app | Time tracking | Knowify feature

Track and review time

Equip your team with the Knowify mobile app, and see where and when they clock-in for the day, tracked by GPS. Review team time from a simple dashboard and approve, deny, or make edits.

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“Knowify came onto our radar several months ago, it was like a breath of fresh air. You want job costing? They’ve got it. You want scheduling? It’s there.”

Tonya Schulte
Founder, The Profit Constructors

The strongest QuickBooks Online integration in the construction industry

For businesses looking for a fully-loaded construction accounting solution, there’s no better combination than Knowify+QuickBooks Online. Knowify’s time tracking syncs directly with QuickBooks time cards, so QuickBooks Payroll users never need to export or import again.

The best construction accounting solution at the best price

Get the best price on Knowify+QuickBooks Online guaranteed when you sign up today.

Experience the best construction scheduling software for subcontractors

Try Knowify free for 14 days, and experience next-level business control and organization for yourself.

On-the-go expense & job management

A powerful tool for supporting project execution from the field.

Log expenses from the field

Save time and get more accurate job costs with the Knowify mobile app. Automatically track labor costs and material purchases against specific project phases as your team works on the job.

Manage photos & docs

Share important notes, photos, and documents between the field, office, and customer. Choose which project details to share with customers through a robust client portal.


Here you can find most frequently asked questions about how Knowify. If you still have question do no hesitate to reach out to us at

Can Knowify help me with schedules for teams and individuals? Or is it just for project schedules?

You can schedule individuals, teams and projects in Knowify.

  • The job board allows you to schedule multiple jobs, with multiple phases, in one simple place. You can also add specific employees, crews, or roles to these projects with a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • The resource day tool allows you to see and modify the schedule of an individual employee or piece of equipment.

How does Knowify help me track my team’s time?

Knowify gives you two options for tracking employee time, depending on how your organization works.

  • Have your employees working on the job site clock-in and clock-out using the Knowify mobile app. This time is automatically tracked against the specific project and project phase they were assigned to. You have the option to enable geofencing for the clock-in system, to ensure your team is where they’re supposed to be when they start their day.
  • Manually enter employee time spent on a given project, using the foreman view – available on the web app or mobile app.

However you choose to track your team’s time, Knowify gives you the ability to easily review and approve time for job costing and payroll purposes.

What makes Knowify different from other software for construction scheduling?

Knowify’s isn’t a standalone construction scheduling software. It’s a full suite of tools for business owners, project managers, bookkeepers, accountants, and crews in the field to work together and keep projects organized, profitable, and on-time. Knowify eliminates the importing, exporting, and data editing that many other tools require, so you and your team can focus on the job at hand.

Can my team log expenses from the mobile app?

Knowify allows employees to log expenses directly from the mobile app, along with receipt photos and purchase details. Those expenses are automatically assigned to the project and phase the employee is working on, so you get accurate, real-time job costing data. If you’ve connected Knowify with your QuickBooks Online account, you’ll also see any expenses logged in Knowify reflected in QuickBooks, as soon as they’re captured by your team in the field.

How many construction projects can I manage in Knowify?

As many as your team can take on! Depending on your Knowify subscription, you can only work on so many “active” projects at the same time, but there’s no limit to how many total projects you can keep in Knowify. Users with an “Unlimited” subscription have no limit on the number of concurrent jobs they can work on.

How do Knowify’s Project management tools interact with it’s scheduling tools?

Knowify has all the tools you’d expect from a construction project management software, like Gantt charts and dependencies, so project managers can quickly see where specific crews are needed, or when to pivot if a project schedule changes.

What kind of info can my team share between the field and the office?

Nearly every piece of project-related data can be shared between the field and the office using Knowify. This includes schedules and tasks, photos and client notes, expenses, and much, much, more.

Can my team log materials used on a job from inventory? (Their van, warehouse, etc)?

Yes – employees using the Knowify mobile app can allocate resources directly to the individual phase of the job they’re working on, so you can cut down on unneeded purchases, and keep profits high.