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Partners & integrations


Keep your project finances up-to-date, avoid double data entry, and be ready for tax time. Knowify is the official construction software partner of QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks Online

The top cloud-based accounting platform in the US. Knowify’s deep, bi-directional sync can make QuickBooks work for you.

QuickBooks Desktop

Get the power of the cloud through Knowify, with the security and reliability of locally-managed accounting through our QuickBooks integration.

Accept payments

Give your clients an easier way to pay, and create healthier cashflow for your business.

QuickBooks Payments

Offer clients fast, secure payment by credit card or ACH.

Included for free in your existing QuickBooks Online subscription.

Square logo | Knowify integration


The #1 card-reader in the US. Produce a professional invoice and get paid instantly on-site. Knowify + Square makes it possible.

PaySimple logo | Knowify integration


Want to offer credit card or ACH/e-check payment options on your emailed invoice? Try Knowify + PaySimple.

Track time

Time tracking is a hassle, but also a fact of life at most contracting businesses. We’ve brought together three best-of-breed options with Knowify’s own time tracking tools, TSheets, and ClockShark to help you take the pain out of time tracking.

QuickBooks Time logo | Knowify integration

QuickBooks Time (formerly TSheets)

The #1 time tracking app in the US. Pull time from QuickBooks Time (formerly TSheets) directly into Knowify to ensure your job-costing is up to date.

ClockShark logo | Knowify integration


A construction-specific time tracking app well loved by contractors. Knowify + CS is a great combo for small painters, roofers, and more!

Advanced photo capabilities

Complement Knowify with a powerful solution for capturing, marking-up, and sharing photos with your team and clients.

CompanyCam logo | Knowify integration


Knowify’s integration with CompanyCam allows you to take unlimited photos that are geo and time-stamped, and can be annotated with drawings, arrows, comments, tags, and other notes. Users can create project timelines, photo galleries, reports, and transformation photos through the CompanyCam app, and share them directly with clients when sending invoices and other documents through Knowify.

Get credit or financing

To help you manage the unpredictability of your cash flow cycle, Knowify has partnered with two premier lenders to help you get cash fast and on fair terms when you need it.


Knowify + Billd lets you take better control of your cash flow by connecting you to financial solutions built for subs. Billd offers extended terms to match long payment cycles and credit limits that flex with your project needs.

Lendflow logo | Knowify partnership


Knowify + Lendflow lets you apply for business financing using your Knowify and QuickBooks data. Find out today if fair financing is available to you.

Fundbox logo | Knowify partnership


Fundbox + Knowify lets you pledge your outstanding invoices to secure immediate, short-term funding… a great solution for short-term cash shortfalls!

Insurance, permitting, payroll, and other services

Knowify has directly partnered with industry-leading groups to deliver important business services like workman’s compensation insurance, payroll, and permit outsourcing to your business.

AP Intego logo | Knowify partnership

AP Intego

Need to add workman’s comp insurance or increase your insured values to satisfy a GC’s requirements? Our partnership with market leader APIntego makes doing so quick and easy! logo | Knowify integration

Permitting is a pain. Why are you still doing it the way it was done 100 years ago? Knowify brings you the #1 solution for seamless, electronic permit outsourcing.

Paychex logo | Knowify integration


Payroll can be a major pain, especially if you have union workers or prevailing wage jobs. Knowify + Paychex can help.

Zapier logo | Knowify integration


… And for everything else, there’s Zapier, enabling you to make your own solution stack and tie it all together. Create ‘recipes’ if the integration points, and watch all the apps communicate seamlessly with one another!

AIA Contract Documents

Prepare and send payment applications in seconds through Knowify’s integration with AIA Contract Documents.

Want to know how it feels having all your data in one place?

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