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powerful tools for construction businesses

Manage your projects from start to finish

Construction can get complicated. Knowify saves your team time and gives you insights at every step of a project, so you can better understand exactly how your business is performing.

Job costing
& expenses

& payments



& field service




Budgeting and bidding

Win more profitable projects

Easy-to-create project budgets help you identify the most profitable leads and filter out the rest. Transform budgets into sleek, branded proposals with just a few clicks.

Project budgets and proposals represented with an abstraction of a proposal | Features | Knowify
Job Costing and Expenses

Track your project costs in real-time

Knowify’s unique approach to job costing automatically captures project expenses while your team works, so they don’t need to be manually entered. Gain complete transparency into project expenses, broken down by labor, materials, subcontractors, and equipment.

Job costing represented with animated bars for materials, labor, equipment, subs, costs | Features | Knowify
Invoices and Payments

Bill clients faster and get paid on time

Bill more accurately with a flexible invoicing system that automatically factors in change orders and pulls from your project data. Manage all your invoices in one place, and send payment reminders to clients who are overdue.

Invoice management represented with an Invoice abstraction and list of invoices with their status | Features | Knowify
Service Jobs

Manage short-term jobs with ease

Schedule new service calls and quickly assign employees and equipment from one screen. Send clients text reminders and see a live map view of where your team is working at any time.

Service jobs via smartphone app | Features | Knowify
Project Management

Stay on top of every project at once

See all your leads, active projects, and finished projects in one place with data that makes it easy to understand performance. Create and manage individual projects with gantt charts, dependencies, and task assignments.

Project management through contract and custom workflows | Features | Knowify

“I didn’t have a great way to give my team project information in the field, so I had to be onsite with them, and then go back to the office to handle all the admin work. I remember thinking to myself – there has to be a better way to do this.”

Michael Haff
CEO, Castle Electric

Picture of two electrical contractor working on a pane and product abstraction for scheduling and team management | Features | Knowify
Scheduling and Field Team Management

Keep your team productive and accountable

Schedule individuals, teams, and equipment to projects in just a few clicks. Track and approve employee time, and share photos, documents, and expenses between the field and office.

Abstraction of customer communication around proposals and job progress | Features | Knowify
Customer Communications

Create an incredible customer experience

Win new and repeat business with sleek, professional-looking proposals and invoices that include your company logo and terms and conditions. Share a client portal to show your customers job progress through photos, documents, and status updates. Quickly create submittals and RFIs and capture responses so everyone is on the same page, and projects keep moving.

Subcontractor management and reporting | Features | Knowify
Subcontractor Management

Manage and report on subcontractors

See all your subs in one place, along with licensing information and performance reporting. Give anyone on your team visibility into subcontractor performance and communications on a given job. Create and share work orders that automatically connect to your sub’s purchase orders, so your team stays on-budget.

Product abstraction of inventory and equipment management | Features | Knowify
Inventory and Equipment Management

Know where every machine and part is used

Create easy-to-manage databases of your parts and equipment, and see when and how they’re used on projects. Assign hourly rates to rented and owned equipment to understand how it impacts your bottom line.

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