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Field Service Software

Streamline your service work

Knowify gives you the flexibility to manage not only longer, contract-based work, but also single-day dispatch jobs. Schedule, track, and invoice with ease at every step of the job. Give your customers a professional experience with automatic text reminders for their appointments, and see where your team is on a live map view.

Abstraction of a smartphone app with a map and a pin | Service work | Knowify
Scheduling view to dispatch service jobs | Service work | Knowify features

Easily schedule appointments

Choose a client, date, and location, and assign teams or individuals to the job in just a few clicks.

Text message reminding customer of a service appointment | Service work | Knowify features
Streamlined Team and client communications

Notify your crew and clients

Send automatic reminders to your crew, and text reminders to clients the day of the job.

“Our guys in the field are using the app to communicate and send pictures, they’ll use the log part of Knowify if we’re missing change orders or need to send out change orders quickly.”

Shane Vork
Owner, Vork Brothers Painting

Offer first-class customer service

Automatic text reminders, simple-to-use invoicing, and a robust client portal ensure your service customers have a first-class experience, every time they work with you.

Manage all your jobs in one place

Quickly jump between single-day service jobs and long-term contract projects without missing a beat. See project history, profitability, and notes, no matter where you work in Knowify.

Keep detailed records, without any extra work

Knowify automatically keeps track of client interactions so you can skip the data-entry. Quickly pull notes and reports for individual jobs, or for all jobs across specific date ranges.

Stay On top of your team

See your team’s real-time location

See a live map view of every member of your team, along with their job details for the day.

create invoices with the method that best works for you

Bill using fixed price or time & materials

Choose services from your catalog to bill for, or create a standard time and materials invoice.

Select type of service: Time & Materials or Fixed price | Service work | Knowify features


Here you can find most frequently asked questions about how Knowify. If you still have question do no hesitate to reach out to us at

How does scheduling work for service jobs?

When you create a new service job, Knowify gives you an integrated schedule view for every member of your team. That means that even if your team members jump between long-term contract jobs and single day dispatch work, you’ll be able to see their availability and never schedule crew members who will have conflicts.

Customers call in with service jobs – do I need to schedule when creating the job?

No – it’s simple to create a new service job without scheduling anyone on your team. Users can navigate to the “unscheduled services” tab in Knowify to see a list of service jobs that are waiting to have a crew member assigned to them.

Most of our service jobs still require notes and documents, does Knowify support that?

100%. Whether your crew is in the office or the field, it’s simple to take notes and upload documents regarding the job at hand.

Can I convert my construction jobs into maintenance contracts?

Knowify allows you to set up jobs using maintenance contracts, so that once the initial construction work on a project is completed, your team has regular service visits scheduled automatically, and can continue billing on the same account.

Build your business with confidence

Take the pain out of your purchase order management process – try Knowify free for 14 days, and experience next-level business control and organization for yourself.