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How contracting software can make your business more seamless

Gregg Home Services

Handyman | Annapolis, MD

Since 2011, Gregg Macdougall has run his own handyman business out of Annapolis, Maryland. He and his team handle a variety of projects, from regular service contracts to multi-day contract jobs. Knowify has helped them keep their ever growing business organized and efficient for the past two years.

Picture of Gregg Macdougall | Gregg Home Services | Knowify case study

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A growing business needs some help

Gregg Macdougall never expected his handyman business to take off. For years, Macdougall was happy to handle odd jobs for friends and family when he could, but the bulk of his professional energy was dedicated to running his church. Soon, though, Gregg noticed something: his client list was growing, and many of the homeowners he worked for told him that aside from GHS, there were not many local contractors willing to take on small projects. Sensing an opportunity, Macdougall opted to grow GHS into a full time business, enlisting his wife and daughter to help run the office and a subcontractor to help in the field. As GHS expanded, it became clear to Gregg that he and his team would need a project management solution to ensure that the growing business stayed organized and profitable.

“I was just pointing my cursor and clicking on the Smith job and boom —there’s the hours — okay great! Wow —look at that— we’re under budget! Where are my papers? I don’t have them anymore! And I can’t tell you how much time you’ve saved me.”

Gregg Macdougall

An instant solution

Macdougall found out about Knowify through our partners at Intuit QuickBooks, and he soon noticed that the platform was helping him run his business more smoothly.

Because GHS specializes in smaller projects, Macdougall regularly handled up to four separate projects per day. “I can’t tell you how happy I am that I’m not sitting on my couch covered in shards of paper, trying to reconcile hours and assign them to the right project”, he says. Soon, Gregg was a true Knowify enthusiast, going as far as to recommend Knowify to a group of peers while they attended a demonstration of another project management software (which Gregg assures us he only attended for the free lunch.) The GHS team explained that in addition to Knowify itself, they love that the customer service team is always responsive to their questions, which can range from the best ways to use a new feature to a full demonstration for a new employee.

More time means more work

Now that his back office operations have been streamlined, Gregg and his crew have extra time to take on new clients. “What used to take me an hour to do with a small estimate, the way I used to do it before I started with Knowify, it now takes 15 minutes”, he says with an appreciative laugh. He has continued to build his company, which now has two and a half employees in the field, plus wife Lynn and daughter Micaela in the office.

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