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Relying on software to run a more efficient roofing business

Safe Harbor Commercial Roofing

Roofing | Shawnee, KS

Safe Harbor is a commercial roofing and siding business based in Overland Park, Kansas, and covering the entire Wichita, Omaha, and St. Louis area. Owner Jim Reeves has expanded his team from one full time employee at founding to six employees today, in addition to a large team of subcontractors. Reeves is also the owner of a residential roofing company in the region.

Picture of the team working on a roof | Safe Harbor Commercial Roofing | Knowify case study

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GAF estimating tool and customer support


  • Simple and accurate estimating tool
  • Back office organization
  • Ease of use

Top features

  • TPO estimator
  • Time tracking
  • Job costing and budgeting

Challenges of a growing business

When Jim Reeves started Safe Harbor Commercial Roofing in 2015, he knew he would have to find a software that would keep his team organized. Though Reeves had owned his own residential roofing company since 2011, Safe Harbor was Reeves’ first foray into the vastly different landscape of commercial projects. In the early days of the company, Reeves had just one full time employee, and otherwise relied completely on subcontractors. Estimating was a challenge owing to the scale and increased complexity of commercial work, and he was concerned that errors could be very costly. Needless to say, it was clear that he would need some help managing his jobs.

“Like I said you guys are very responsive if we have an issue, and that’s huge that we don’t have to wait 3, 4, 5 days for someone to get back to us. If you guys can fix it you fix it, and if it’s something that we need you’re very responsive and that’s huge going forward.”

Jim Reeves

Partnering with GAF

Luckily, Reeves’ territory manager at GAF introduced him to Knowify. Reeves found that Knowify’s general platform allowed him to efficiently keep track of his job costs and budgets, while also giving him the ability to time track his employees and send professional looking bids and invoices. Additionally, the GAF specific TPO Estimator tool gave the Safe Harbor team the ability to accurately estimate the GAF materials they need for TPO roofing jobs, from full sheets / half sheets to fastener quantities to flashing materials and more.

With the TPO Estimator, Safe Harbor has been able to shorten their invitation to bid response time and be more confident in their bids. Reeves found the tool easy to use, and notes that Knowify’s customer service team always got back to him promptly.

Happy user

Now in his third year (joined in 2015) as a Knowify and TPO tool user, Reeves’ enthusiasm for the product has only grown with age. He believes that his estimates are more accurate than they would be had he chosen a different software, and that his confidence in the TPO tool has led him to buy more GAF materials. As Safe Harbor has grown (the team is now up to five full time employees) so too has their usage of Knowify. “It’s got a lot of features, and we use everything”, noted Reeves.

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